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The Halloween Competition is Live

It’s alive...IT’S ALIVE! October 1st marks the beginning of the season of fright and also the start of our Halloween Competition. If you caught our first announcement blog and the landing page on our site, you know all the particulars. However, if you haven’t, here’s a little breakdown of what you can expect throughout this month.

Starting today, the Halloween Competition is officially open and will remain so until October 31st. That means you have 30 days to participate in our little Halloween celebration/competition, which includes new, limited edition artwork and products that will disappear like ghosts in the night once the clock strikes midnight on the 31st. 

The competition itself asks our customers/followers to vote on their favorite Halloween theme designs. These limited edition designs come straight from the brilliant imaginations of Inked Gaming’s own in-house artists. Have a look at these:


Creeping Web Design

Crooked Skulls


Hallowed Moth Design


Witchy Kitty Design


You can see all of the Halloween designs and vote for your favorite HERE.

Some are cute. Some are cool. And some are downright creepy. We wanted art that satisfied everyone’s idea of what Halloween is all about, and that’s just what our artists delivered. Again, these designs are very limited. By that, we mean that we only printed 25 of each. So, whether they sell out or the clock runs, you won’t be seeing these designs after Halloween.

The artist/art with the most votes by the end of this month will receive a gift card and well-deserved accolade for their work. Those who participate in the competition will be entered into a special sweepstake that offers a FREE Mystery Bundle to the lucky winner. The bundle includes a special playmat bag and playmat. The playmat will feature one of the limited edition Halloween arts printed on it. Which specific art you receive will remain a mystery until it’s delivered to your door. 

The Mystery product/bundle went live on our site today as well, and it’s available for all those who wish to purchase it...for just $20. You can get to it by clicking right HERE.

With that, we say let the scary good Halloween fun begin!


Team Inked

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