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Supply Drop Saturday

It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for us to log this week’s activity in our Supply Drop mission dossier. Here you’ll find all the latest updates and info about our Supply Drops boxes, including the surprises that our luckiest subscribers found in theirs this month!

Who else found a Treasure Chest this month, Mateys?

Avast, hearties! A handful of Treasure Chests set sail for their lucky subscribers this month, and we thought ye be wantin’ to know where they made land ho! As always, these lucky Supply Drop sailors are selected at random from our list of subscribers. Savvy?

This week, those lucky stars were shining for a pair of subscribers who have a Treasure Chest coming their way. Here’s what those chests looked like before they shipped out:


Treasure Chest


Treasure Chest

Have you received a Treasure Chest?

If you are or ever have been the lucky recipient of one of our Supply Drop Treasure Chests, we would love to hear what you think about it! All you have to do is post about it on social media, tag us, and email the link to the post to By doing so, you will also earn $25 OFF your NEXT supply drop order! Talk about a win-win.

Don’t miss our new Pins!

New Inked Gaming enamel pins are in, and we can’t wait to begin including them in all Supply Drop Subscription boxes! That means you may have a little surprise coming your way. These pins are perfect for sticking on backpacks, playmats, clothes, or any other items that can use an extra touch of personality. Check it out!

Inked Gaming Pins

Pretty sweet, huh? If a friend asks where they can get one, you know where to send them! Speaking of, you should know that these pins will also be available on our site and even included in our Mystery Pin Bundle.

We want to thank our team for coming up with such a cool, creative design and for keeping our pin collection fresh for our customers/subscribers. Just know that this particular pin is limited and will only be available while supplies last, so if you’re not a subscriber, you’ll want to find it on our site instead. Either way, this is a sweet piece of Inked Gaming history that you should definitely have in your possession. 

Pokémon Obsidian Flames coming to Supply Drops!

The recent release of Pokémon Obsidian Flames has Trainers super psyched for a scorching new adventure that is sure to set fire to the entire Pokémon gaming community. As a team of long-time Trainers ourselves, this is one expansion that we’ve been looking forward to for a while, especially since we planned to add them to some Supply Drop boxes for our subscribers.

Pokémon Obsidian Flames

That’s right, Pokémon Obsidian Flames packs are set to be shipped out in some of our monthly Supply Drops to those who have subscribed to receive Pokémon gear in their subscription. In the scorching realm of Pokémon Obsidian Flames, the excitement is hotter than a Charizard's fiery breath, which means your upcoming battles will be double the fun!

Just like our Supply Drops, we covered a lot of ground in this week’s Supply Drop Saturday update, and we look forward to doing so every other Saturday from here on.

Thank you for joining us!


Team Inked


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