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Pokémon: Sword & Shield — Evolving Skies English set coming in August

I know that we’ve been churning out a lot of Pokémon content lately, but I thought it would be better to cover this sooner rather than later. After all, August is right around the corner and I’d rather have something for us to reference back to when this newest Sword & Shield expansion is in full swing. New info is being revealed as the days/weeks progress and we draw closer to the release day. 

Now, most of you may be well aware of this set since it's already been released in Japanese. The English release always comes second, but based on the reviews and the number of cards that we’ll be getting, it may be worth the wait. Plus, there’s word of an exclusive promo card that will be sold in stores soon after the set drops. We’ll get into that after we highlight some of the key info that’s been revealed so far.

As always, I’ll leave it open to questions, comments, and thoughts once we’ve finished covering the important stuff.

Let’s see what kind of info we’ve caught so far.

Pokémon has let it be known that the Evolving Skies set will include 200+ cards. Of those 200 or so cards, there will be 24 Trainers, 18 powerful Pokémon V, and 15 enormous Pokémon VMAX. It will also include new Single Strike and Rapid Strike cards. Actually, Evolving Skies is a combination of three different Japanese sets, which include Eevee Heroes, Skyscraping Perfection, and Blue Sky Stream. Now you know why this expansion will be one of the biggest yet.

Here’s a list of some of the cards that will be a part of the actual Evolving Skies set:

  • Leafeon V Ultra-Rare
  • Leafeon VMAX Rare
  • Flareon V Ultra-Rare
  • Flareon VMAX Rare
  • Vaporeon V Ultra-Rare
  • Vaporeon VMAX Rare
  • Glaceon V Ultra-Rare Rare
  • Glaceon VMAX Rare 
  • Jolteon V Ultra-Rare 
  • Jolteon VMAX Rare 
  • Flaaffy Lightning
  • Galarian Articuno Psychic
  • Espeon V Ultra-Rare
  • Espeon VMAX Rare 
  • Sylveon V Ultra-Rare 
  • Sylveon VMAX Rare 
  • Galarian Zapdos
  • Galarian Moltres
  • Umbreon V Ultra-Rare 
  • Umbreon VMAX Rare 
  • Dragonite V Ultra-Rare 
  • Rayquaza V Ultra-Rare
  • Rayquaza VMAX Rare 
  • Noivern V Ultra-Rare 
  • Duraludon V Ultra-Rare
  • Duraludon VMAX

This expansion will come with a staggering number of rares and collectibles that feature beautiful artwork that no one will be able to ignore. We’re talking holographic cards that show Pokémon in a fresh, vibrant light. It’s also been confirmed that Special Art cards from the Japanese Eevee Heroes set will be included in the English expansion as well.

Evolving Skies will be officially released on August 27th. At the same time, GameStop will reportedly be distributing a Duraludon promo card that will feature a stamp of their logo on it. Which Duraludon will be printed on this card is still unknown, but you can expect something holofoil...hopefully. If you wish to obtain one of these promo cards, you’ll have to spend over $15 on Pokémon gear once it has officially been made available in the stores. 

Considering the cards and promo coming out with this expansion, August is geared to be a BIG win for fans. Specifically, fans and collectors who are looking to beef up their collections with more special cards that can be quite valuable in the years to come. 

Speaking of which, our good friend Ash Mitchum (a.k.a. Mitch Gross) was nice enough to pass along this cool blog story that discusses how vintage Pokémon cards have come to be worth so much today. I just thought I would drop that in here since we’ve covered similar topics in the past. So, if you have a chance, give that story a read. I think you’ll be intrigued by what it has to say. 

You can learn more about the Evolving Skies expansion by visiting Pokémon's official website. In the meantime, feel free to leave me any thoughts, info, or opinions you may have on the expansion as a whole in the comments section below. And don’t forget to check out our growing Pokémon collection before you leave.

Until we meet again,

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