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Pokémon GO's 2021 Halloween Event

The Halloween festivities continue to come to our favorite games, and this week, Pokémon GO announced their plans to make this month even spookier for Trainers. The scary-good fun officially began on October 15th and will last until the 31st. This all happens against the backdrop of Pokémon GO’s Season of Mischief, which is fitting, given the nature of the spooky elements that can be unlocked during the event. 

This year’s Halloween Mischief event is broken in up into two parts. Part 1 is called Creepy Companions, which lasts from October 15th to October 22nd. So, it’s one whole week, Friday to Friday. Part 2 of the event is titled Ghoulish Pals, and will also begin on the 22nd. Ghoulish Pals will take us all the way to Halloween night, October 31st. Thankfully, Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, so you’ll have the whole weekend to take advantage of all that this event is offering.

Pokémon GO Halloween

As you can imagine, this two-part event will feature all kinds of new encounters, raids, eggs, mechanics, challenges, research, and bonuses. There are even a few new Pokémon that will be making their debut during the event as well. And it wouldn’t be Halloween without costumes and other scary themes that get you into the spirit of the season. Pokémon has even created a special Lavender Town Remix that will play every night throughout the event. 

The details of the entire event, from start to finish, are neatly laid out on Pokémon GO’s official website. The page itself breaks down both parts of the event and lists everything that can expect to find/see over the next two weeks. The exact schedule and specific times of each part are also listed on that page, along with a brief sample of the Lavender Town Remix as well. 

The visual info is just as important as the written info, which is why we think you’ll really enjoy reading through the page that they have dedicated to this year’s Halloween event. You can get there by clicking the link HERE.

Be sure to return to this page when you’re finished reading and let us know if you plan to participate in the event, if you haven’t started already. If you have, tell us about some of the features that you’ve unlocked so far. We want to hear all about it!


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