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New Custom Sports Card Break Mats Available At Inked Gaming

New Custom Sports Card Break Mats Available

To all my fellow sports junkies out there, I am proud to say: Touchdown! Home Run! Goooooaaaal! Team Inked has officially announced the release of our new Custom Sports Card Break Mats. Whatever your sport, these new mats are nothing short of a slam dunk (see, I didn’t forget that one) for those in the sports card collecting/breaking community. 

We’ve all been through the occasional off-season withdrawal (it’s worse when your beloved New York Jets miss the playoffs yet again), but let’s be honest, how many times can we re-watch highlights from old games? (except The Last Dance, of course. We give you a pass for that because it’s awesome!)

The point is, with the future of real-life sporting events still up in the air, so to speak, sport card breaking is all the action we have to look forward to. Enter our new custom sports card break mats!

Those of you who have watched, taken part in, or even led a card breaking session know it can be a long and delicate process. Heck, I’ve seen some card breakers wear gloves (yes, even before COVID-19) while breaking into a new pack. This gives you an idea of how important it is to keep your cards preserved and in good condition throughout the session.

That’s why you need a mat that can not only keep your cards and accessories organized, but protected as well. No other playmat company knows this better than Inked Gaming.

Much like our ever-so-popular custom playmat, the new custom sports card break mats are 24x14 inches and features our signature smooth cloth top for added protection and easy handling. We even give you the choice between either a blank gray or black background for your mat as well. JUST KIDDING!  

Come on, you know us better than that! What’s a playmat without a unique and original design to show your viewers and fellow sports fanatics? Yes, our sports card break mat designs are 100% customizable and can be made to feature even your most jaw-dropping designs and logos (within our standards, of course).

Click HERE to check it out!

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