About Us

Inked Gaming start out as Inked Playmats on June 10th, 2011. Our mission has been from the beginning to Let you customize the way you play; easy and affordable.

InkedPlaymats.com was built to give you the perfect way to make your gaming experience your own. Our first product was the playmat and as we used that to grow into other products we decided that changing our name to incorporate the wide variety of products was a necessary change. A full site redesign and name change from Inked Playmats to Inked Gaming took place in July of 2015.

We think that InkedGaming.com is awesome. We are excited about the future and what our website will continue to bring to the gaming community.

Our Story

Playing in a local Magic the Gathering tournament, a discussion was brought up at our table about how hard it is to get your own custom designed playmat. Not only is it hard to find a printer, but it can be expensive. That is when the idea of Inked Playmats was born. We began researching, designing, and finding ideas to make it easy for a player to get his own playmat. What we found was that lot's of players wanted the opportunity and there was already many designers doing commission work. Why not bring them all to one location? What you see today is the answer to that simple question. Following the same business model as Threadless and Infectious, Inked Gaming is bringing crowdsourced design to the gaming community.

Meet the Owner

T.C. Pool

Founder and CEO

T.C. has grown up in the Willamette Valley. He started playing collectible trading card games in high school. After attending college at Oregon State University he melded his passion for entrepreneurship and gaming to open his own gaming store, The Gamehouse, in Albany. He sold his business a year later to a local competitor and has been waiting for a chance to put the two passions together again. He is now married and a father of three beautiful young children. He plays many games with his oldest son now and hopes to keep the tradition going.