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New Art Spotlight: September 2020

Hello again and welcome to the September New Art Spotlight! Is anyone else beyond excited for October? Personally I just love all of the Halloween decorations and general spooky vibes that come with October. That's why I was particularly excited when some of our artists started bringing the spooky vibe into their art a little early this year. Of course, this month we received a ton of amazing new art submissions ranging in a variety of styles and themes and have randomly selected three to be featured in this month's spotlight. Check it out below!

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Mind Leak

Mind Leak By Kyle Pearson
Artist: Kyle Pearson
Artist Bio: "My name is Kyle Pearson I am a freelance Illustrator and Designer and am happy to do commission work for anyone."

Spooky Halloween Bunny

Spooky Halloween Bunny By Neferentium
Artist: Neferentium
Artist Bio: "I'm Neferentium! I usually go by Nef or some variation of it, as you can see from my Deviantart ( and Twitter handle (! I've been using a variety of mediums for a couple years to create art, ranging from physical mediums like acrylic and water colour paints all the way to digital medium like Photoshop! 
I generally create a lot of chibi pieces, though I do landscapes and portraits as well! I'm excited to share my work with all of you, so stay tuned!
Thanks for checking my page out, hope you enjoyed my pieces!"

Forest Aftermath

Forest Aftermath By Bluekev
Artist: Bluekev
Artist Bio: "Hi! I'm Kevin aka Bluekev.
I am a Salvadoran illustrator, musician, Dungeon Master, nerd, geek, writer, and all around a JOATMON, really.
It's sincerely an honor for me to collaborate in one way or another with this amazing community and I am so glad I can do so while sharing my art as well. Thank you so very much and happy gaming!
My facebook fanpage: @bluekevillustrates 
My instagram: @bluekev2 


Have a good October!

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