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New Art Spotlight: November 2022

Hey! It’s the end of November, but before we move into December, there are some amazing arts that we would like to remember. Each month, three arts/artists are selected to be featured in our monthly New Art Spotlight (NAS) posts. And each month, choosing those arts from our vast collection becomes more and more challenging. 

New artists and their brilliant designs are landing on our website every week. We love NAS because it gives us the chance to show you just a few of those new designs and introduce the creators behind them. This month, we’ve chosen three arts/artists that inspire us to be creative, adventurous, and different. Once you see them, you’ll understand why!

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The Black Hole

The Black Hole

Artist: Rayskinz

My name is Ray, and I am a new digital artist! I have been creating traditional art for most of my life, and I am trying to branch out and learn digital art. 

Creating art that can be used more practically feels amazing!

Social Links:

You can find most of my work on Instagram @RobertsIV_art

Ghostly Pattern

Ghostly Pattern

Artist: Spook The Artist

I am from St. Louis, MO, and I’m currently a college student majoring in Graphic Design at Missouri State University. The work I do is on galaxies and on a mythical creature which I focus my work on.

Flying Bats

Flying Bats

Artist: Wise Witch

My name is Lindsey Huss, but my artist handle is Wise Witch. I'm an artist, writer, and content creator from Pennsylvania. I love all things fantasy, horror, and sci-fi and like to showcase that in my artwork. I also really enjoy the paranormal, cryptids, ghost stories, and folk tales. I'm an avid gamer, as is most of my family. When I'm not creating in real life, I'm creating in my favorite games. I love to play World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and other fantasy games.

We hoped you enjoyed the awesome art from this November! Now, let’s have a strong finish and end this year with a delightful December!


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