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Mobile Phone Game Reviews By Sarah: Terrarium Garden Idle

Mobile Game Reviews By Sarah: Terrarium Garden Idle

Hello everyone and welcome back! I hope you’re all holding up ok and staying safe out there. I know these are stressful and uncertain times for a lot of people, which is why this week’s game was chosen specifically because it can help relieve some stress. Obviously playing games can’t do much to fix the current situation we all find ourselves in, but it can certainly help our mental well-being. So, I hope you get the chance to try this game out!

Terrarium: Garden Idle

What is it?

Terrarium: Garden Idle is a free-to-play idle game by Green Panda Games. It was released in 2019 and can be played on both IOS and Android systems. In the game, you grow plants. That’s basically it. Once planted, these plants produce a set amount of oxygen every second. The amount of oxygen they produce is determined by what level of growth the plant is at. You can also tap on the plant to get it to produce extra oxygen each tap. The oxygen is your currency in the game and you can use it to level up your plants, plant more plants, and open more levels on your plant growing shelf. 


Terrarium Garden Idle - Planting



There are also a couple of boost options available in the game to help you speed up your oxygen production - Fertilizer, Intensive Watering, and Repellant. Once you use a boost, a countdown timer will start until you can use that boost again. Or, you have the option to watch an ad to make all of the boosts available again immediately. The plants will also continue to product oxygen while you’re not using the app, so it’s easy to put down for a while and then come back to more oxygen. 


Terrarium Garden Idle - Boosters


What did you think?

I really enjoyed this game. I have spent several hours playing this game and I intend to continue playing it for quite a while. It’s very simple and not very addictive. It plays a soothing, but happy music and has a bright, fun color palette. I think it’s a really nice game to play to de-stress during your lunch break or after work, but it’s not going to consume your thoughts when you’re not playing. Plus, it stays very true to the free-to-play format. Although there are opportunities for you to spend real money to buy time jumps and other things that would increase your oxygen production, I’ve never seen a pop-up ad for that feature. You can only find it if you go through the shopping basket in the settings menu. Otherwise, there is the option to watch an ad to accelerate your wait time on things (which I’ll admit to doing on a couple of occasions) but that’s about it. The majority of the game is really just planting seeds, tapping on your plants, and waiting. 


Terrarium Garden Idle - Full Plant Shelf


Would you recommend this game?

I would recommend this game 100%, especially to anyone that’s been feeling particularly stressed lately. It’s a soothing and easy way to take your mind off things. And you’re growing plants and producing oxygen, so it feels like you’re being productive while you’re playing! 

 Thanks for tuning in to this Mobile Phone Game Review By Sarah!

Until next time, I’ll be on my couch,

Sarah Berge

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