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Mobile Phone Game Review: Stranger Things 3

Hey again! I know that we usually space out these mobile phone game reviews, but ever since we reviewed the first Stranger Things game, I felt that it would be better to get this review out ASAP. I think of this post as more of a continuation of the first review. As I mentioned in the previous post, Stranger Things has been a popular series since it first came out back in 2016. Since then, there have been some fun games released that really seem to capture the essence of the story as well as the retro feel of the show. While the first Stranger Things game did a solid job with its gameplay and style, Stranger Things 3 seems to get most of the accolade from gamers today.

Why? Let’s find out!

Stranger Things 3: The Game

What is it?

Stranger Things 3: The Game was released in 2019 on both Android and iOS platforms, and is the follow-up title to the original Stranger Things game that was released back in 2017. Now, just like the first game, Stranger Things 3 was created alongside season 3 of the actual series, which means you will see characters, storylines and plot points that were introduced in the latest season of the show. Once again, the game itself sticks with the retro, 80s arcade-style gameplay that gamers seemed to enjoy the first time around. Of course, there are a few key differences and enhancements that fans have really responded well to.

One of the most apparent changes/enhancements to this game is in its presentation. Unlike its predecessor, Stranger Things 3 features more dimensional characters and settings, which gives the game more depth and height overall. Stranger Things 3 may have a more modernized presentation, but the gameplay and style still hold on to that classic arcade look and feel. Furthermore, this game features more brain-teasing puzzles, fun battles, co-op capabilities and a fresh adventure overall!

What did you think?

Simply put, I liked this game very much! The presentation was great, the controls were smooth and it still gave me that nostalgic, 80s feel that was featured in the first game. The story was kind of similar to the first game in terms of exploring Hawkins, finding/unlocking new characters and completing various errands spread around the town. One thing that I really enjoyed was the boss battles. The bosses in the game each have their own unique abilities and level of difficulty, which really enables you to concentrate on strategy with each battle.

There are 12 playable characters in the game (both old and new), and I was really impressed with all of them and their attacks, especially Max (kick), Steve (scoop), Erica (zap) and Jonathan (punch). I also like the fact that this game now offers both solo and co-op gameplay. I must say, playing as a team is much more fun, and is something the game really encourages. After all, teamwork and friendship are what the show is really all about. 

Aside from the few glitches and lags that rear their ugly heads every once and awhile, I thought this game was full of fun from beginning to end!


Would you recommend this game?

I would definitely recommend this game, especially to anyone who enjoyed the first one! As I said, there have been some really great enhancements which in my opinion makes it an even better game than its predecessor. So, if you’re looking for an addictive game that can tide you over until the next season comes out, I suggest that you download Stranger Things 3 immediately!

Thanks for taking the time to read (or scan) through this mobile phone game review. If you’ve already played this game, please leave me your thoughts and opinions on it in the comments below. Also, in case you were wondering, there’s no Stranger Things 2 game. The developers went straight from 1 to 3 (don’t ask me why). I just wanted to let you know that I didn’t skip over a game. Again, I thank you for sticking with me in these mobile game reviews and remind you to keep an eye on our blog page for more great posts coming down the line!

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