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Inked Gaming's Halloween 2021 Announcement

Well, well, well, what have we here? It is almost the 10th month of the year and that means it’s almost time to break out the pumpkins, scarecrows, and those old Goosebumps books. It also means that it’s time for us to start teasing you with the plans we have in place for our Halloween celebration that’s coming soon!

As you’ll see over the next month or so, we have some sweet tricks and treats up our sleeve this year. We’re talking about deals, giveaways, mystery gift bundles, and limited-edition designs. What do we mean by limited-edition designs? Well, let’s just say that our design team has been hard at work, like always, on some new, spooky artwork that we think is to die for...muahaha!

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect:


Crooked Skulls Design

Witchy Kitty Design


We want to see our followers join the spooky good fun this year, which is why we’re holding a Halloween art competition among our in-house artists for these limited-edition designs. We emphasize ‘limited’ because there will only be 25 printings of each design available. Once all the designs have been revealed, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite. We’ll save the details for later, but for now, just know that there’s a reward in store for the winning artist and those who choose to participate in the vote.

We mentioned that there would be Mystery Bundles, too. Let’s be honest, Halloween is all about mystique and surprises around every corner. That’s why we just had to create some fun little Mystery Bundles to go along with this year’s celebration. These bundles will feature one of our randomly selected limited-edition Halloween designs, and it will come with a special Mystery Bundle mat bag that looks like this:

Halloween Playmat Bag Design

The bundle itself only costs $20, which means you’re getting a cool, limited edition design bundle, and a mat bag, for a great price!

See? We told you there would be some tricks and treats this year. 

That’s all we’re willing to reveal for right now. Don’t worry, more info will be trickling out soon. So, just keep an eye on your inbox and our blog pages over the next few weeks that way you’re in the know for when the fun begins. 

Also, if you really want to stay informed and make sure you’re one of the first to know when everything goes live, go a step further by signing up for our SMS list. You can do so by simply texting INKED to (855) 681-1804 and you’ll automatically be signed up. You'll even receive a sweet 15% off code to use right now. 

Trust us, this is one spooky and kooky Halloween that you won’t want to miss.

Scare ya’ later!


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