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Inked Gaming’s Artist of the Week Feature: Jessica Feinberg

Gremlins, goblins, dragons, serpents, hydras, and more. You can find them all in Jessica Feinberg’s fun fantasy collection. By merging the mundane with the magical, Jessica has developed a great gathering of designs that our customers love. Jessica has also written/illustrated many books for both children and guides for those who wish to bring their own fantastical creatures to life!

Jessica’s art has even reached into the gaming world, with the creation of over 20 decks of playing cards, 9 oracle decks, and two card games. Now that’s the kind of artist that we want, better yet, need, in our community. Like our customers, we’re gamers too, which is why we constantly look for artists/gaming enthusiasts whose work will fit on our gear. After seeing Jessica’s designs for the first time, we knew that we had found such an artist…and the proof is the playmats, mousepads, and more.

Here are some of her most popular pieces today:

Dessert Dragons
Cat Reading
Ink Gremlins
Rainbow Sea Serpents

Watercolors, digital paint, pencil, and ink help Jessica breathe life into these awesome creatures and characters. Like the other artists highlighted in this month’s Artist of the Week Feature, Jessica has a specific style that captures the imagination of our fellow gamers. And also, like those previous artists, Jessica’s work is going to be showcased and featured all over our site and social channels.

The whole point of this Featured Artist of the Week series is to shine the spotlight on some of our most popular artists and their best work. Jessica Feinberg is one of those artists, and her work will be front and center all week long!

As long as you’re here, be sure to check out Jessica’s collection page. There, you’ll find more of her amazing art, a short bio, and a list of social media channels where additional art can be found. If you like what you see, feel free to follow her and add some of her art to your cart!


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