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Inked Gaming’s 10th Anniversary

Team Inked is celebrating a milestone of its own this year that we want all of our community and customers to know about! November 2021 marks our 10th year in business, and thanks to the support that we’ve received from loyal followers and fellow gamers, we plan on making this next 10 years even more special. But before we get too far ahead, let’s focus on the milestone that’s right in front of us.

We didn’t want to make this celebration all about us, we wanted to make it more about you, and others like you, who share our passion for gaming and have trusted us enough to help you grow your collection of goods/gear. When we first began this journey back in 2011, we made it a point to remember that Inked Gaming would be a business built by gamers for gamers. 10 years and countless decisions later, we’re still standing by that motto. Today, our warehouse is full and so is our heart. The same heart that pumps us with that same passion to do what we love every day for those who matter most. 

Because of you, Inked Gaming has grown as a whole these last 10 years. We’ve had our ups and downs during that time, especially with a crazy year like the last one was, but we’ve always managed to stay on our game. It’s our customers that give us the strength to work as hard as we do year in and year out. And for that, we are always going to be grateful. So, that’s why we’re making this 10 Anniversary celebration even more special for you!

We don’t want to say too much too fast, so for now we’ll leave you with just a few teasers. Let’s just say that our followers have a few little surprises to look forward to, especially our loyal Consortium members. We’re talking about pins, points, and maybe even pictures that show you what goes on behind the scenes to make all the magic happen. 

We want to show you what 10 years of business does for a company that remains committed to its craft and has customers who are just as committed in return. We’ll share more with you as we get closer to November. So, keep your eyes trained on our blog and your inbox (if you’re a subscriber) that way you don’t miss anything!

Talk soon!

Team Inked

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  • Craig Brooks

Still loving the mats I bought from you guys over the years. The first one I got, my End of Line one, I appatently ordered before you guys even tracked the orders, as it doesn’t even show in my orders list.

Keep rocking!