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Inked Gaming Introduces A Rewards Program

UPDATE JULY 2020: Hey there, friends! Like many things at Inked Gaming, we have continued to evolve and change our rewards program with the times. We continue to listen to our customers on how to better optimize the tiers and redemption's to help our customers in the best and most efficient way possible. That is why we launched an updated loyalty program, The Consortium. Visit our newest blog post for all of the updated information:


To all Inked Gaming friends,

It’s been quite a ride here at Inked the past 6 years.  We’ve seen MASSIVE growth over the years and it’s all because of you.  We’ve been thinking of ways to give back to our most loyal of customers and we’ve come up with this program we like to call, Loyalty Counters

Many of our best customers make multiple purchases throughout the year, and we feel like you deserve something for that.  Without return customers, we wouldn’t be the company that we have grown into.  Therefore, we have set up a system where the more points you accrue, the more money you get off your next order and if you’re one of the best, potentially hit “Legend” rank in our tier system. 


Here’s how it works:

You sign up for our loyalty program and receive an email detailing what tier you are in and what rewards you have available.  You will also have a menu detailing how you can gain more points.  Making a purchase, creating an account, referring a friend, and following on our social media accounts all give certain numbers of points (there are additional ways, even visiting the site, for example, gives a small number of points).


The more points you acquire, the higher the tier that you rank, which has bigger and better offers available anywhere from free shipping all the way to 15 dollars off your order. And for those that deserve it: The LEGENDARY LOOT PACKAGE.


Here are the tiers:

Apprentice: 0 points

You’re just beginning your quest to Legend Rank and it all starts as a wee apprentice.  Once you make your first purchase and create an account you will potentially become the rank of Knight.

Knight: 500 points

 So, you’re a Knight?  You are now one of Inked Gaming’s loyal friends.  You have shown that you believe in us enough to give us a try and represent us on the battlefield of your local gaming store. 

Master: 1000 points

Everything changes once you have become an Inked Gaming Master.  You have now unlocked the 10-dollar discount off your next order – which helps you immensely in your quest to become Legend tier.  You also unlock the free shipping voucher to anywhere in the world, to help you grab that heavy 48-inch wargaming mat that you couldn’t afford shipping for previously.

Legend: 2000 points

Much like in other games, there can only be a few Legend tier players.  This is an exclusive company and only 2-5% of our best customers will ever hit Legend rank.  This shows that you are loyal, frequent customers that we value greatly.  Once you hit this rank, a 15-dollar discount will become available as well as the Legendary Loot Package.

The Legendary Loot package contains:

1 Exclusive Legendary Inked Gaming playmat or mouse pad

1 Exclusive Legendary playmat bag

An exciting opportunity to have your store, Twitch Stream, YouTube channel, or anything else that you would like shouted out by us for one post via the Inked Gaming social media accounts (pending CEO approval).


That’s about all!  Feel free to click the link below to get started on your quest to become an Inked Gaming Legend!


We would love for you to try out this exciting, fun program that we are rolling out.  We’re doing this for YOU, so if you have any feedback about the program feel free to email us at with your constructive comments.


Much love,

The Inked Gaming family

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