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Halloween Is Coming! And So Is Our Halloween Sale

Inked Gaming Halloween Sale

Halloween is here! It is now October 18, so I think it’s safe for me to start getting super excited for our Halloween sale. We’ve got a bunch of spooky, creepy, and cute Halloween-themed artwork on the site that I am stoked to share with you all during this time of year. 

The awesome Halloween sale we’ve got cooking up for you is going to be on a top collection of select Halloween-themed products. Starting on October 27 and running all the way through November 2, this collection of products is going to be 20% off. That way you can get yourself some sweet themed products for the rest of the season! 

So, get hyped and keep an eye out for the products that are going to be in this collection! To give you a little taste, I have included the first three products that will be in the sale below:

Spooky Dragos Playmat
Spooky Dragos by Inked Gaming
By Inked Gaming
Halloween Town Sunset Playmat
Halloween Town Sunset Playmat by Angry Fox
By Angry Fox

Reaper Playmat
Reaper Playmat by MTO Art
By MTO Art

Boo to you from our crew!

Sarah Berge

Marketing Manager at Inked Gaming

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