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Great Gift Ideas For Gamers In 2019


Great Gift Ideas For Gamers In 2019

Happy holidays, everyone! We are quickly rolling into the gift giving season, and if you’re anything like me that means you’ve started Googling for lists of gift ideas for the various people in your life. Sound familiar? Then you might want to keep reading this post, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the best items to give gamers. Of course, every gamer is different and what you get them is going to depend on their specific gaming interests. Without further ado, here’s a bunch of awesome gift ideas we compiled that we think the gamer or gamers in your life might appreciate! 



Obviously, there are a lot of headphone options out there, which can range from super expensive to super cheap and top quality to terrible quality (not necessarily respectively). So we found two quality options on each end of the price range spectrum for you to look at:

Headset for $18.99

Headset for $309.00


Mousepads make excellent gifts for gamers and non-gamers alike. We have a bunch of different sizes and options. Unfortunately, our mouse pad scientists weren’t able to get our edible mouse pads released by this year. Do not eat these:

Classic Mousepad for $12.99

Large Gaming Mousepad for $14.99

XL Gaming Mousepad for $24.99

XL Extended Mousepad for $34.99

XXL Extended Mousepad for $49.99


Once you have a high quality gaming mouse, the 10 dollar ones from WalMart feel like a cheap toy in your hands. If you have a friend or loved one that is into high intensity competitive gaming, a brand new mouse is a perfect:

Mouse For $69.99

Mouse For $149.99


External Battery Power Bank
A MUST HAVE for the Pokemon: GO fanatic in your family. Honestly, we all use our cell phones so much for work, school, and play that these products are always useful. 

External Battery Power Bank for $25.99


The traditional gift for a card player in your play group or member of your family. You can purchase pre designed playmats as well as customized playmats. We are the premier playmat company in the TCG industry and with almost a decade of playmat production experience, you’re in safe hands to make sure your loved one receives exactly what they want.

Custom Standard Playmat For $26.99 

Custom Oversized Playmat For $31.99

Custom Little Playmat For $20.99 

Custom Board Game Mat For $29.99

Custom Two Player Playmat For $51.99


A high quality keyboard, much like a high quality mouse is something that many new gamers take for granted. A direct upgrade to any keyboard that you would find in a big box store - A thoughtful, high quality gift for any PC gamer looking to “level up.”

Keyboard For $59.99

Keyboard For $45.99


Dice Bags 

Dice bags are a unique gift for a gamer. They are so versatile that sometimes we have issues calling them just dice bags. They are more like, “gamer bags.” You can throw your deck box, pen, pad, counters, dice, among so many more things in these. We have an employee that even throws their mouse and headphones in them for easy gaming while traveling. Anyone that games will always find a use for our dice bags.

Custom Dice Bags For $19.99

Store Art Dice Bag For $14.99



Our dice are guaranteed to crit or your money back...just not every time (IMPORTANT NOTE: our editor says I have to clarify that they are guaranteed to roll crits the statistically correct number of times over a large enough sample size, no more and no less)! 

Unicorn Resin Polyhedral Dice Sets for $13.99


Streaming Player

One of the more practical gifts on our list. Have a difficult person to buy for? These streaming players are heavenly in your home and are very versatile - just program the streaming applications that you use into these players and have your Netflix, HBO, Hulu and more all in one place!

Shop For A Google Chromecast for $69.00

Shop For An Amazon Fire Stick for $39.99

Shop For An Apple TV for $199.00


Weighted Blanket

These have really seen an increase in popularity in the last couple of years because of the health benefits they are designed to provide. The distribution of weight throughout the blanket can be amazing when you’re feeling anxious or stressed (like when you’re gaming, perhaps). Plus, it’s winter (for many of us). Who doesn’t like getting a nice blanket as a winter gift?! 

Weighted Blanket for $119.70


New Console
New consoles are a holiday tradition. Many of us employees here have very fond memories of our first console - and many times we received them during the holiday season. There will be some really good deals on these products this season! Personally, we recommend the Nintendo Switch. Some say one of the greatest consoles of all time!

Nintendo Switch for $298.99


Mini Fridge
While we don’t recommend leaving a fridge stocked full of Monster and snacks for your next WoW: Classic raid - we’re just saying- “We understand.” No judgments here, go down that raid boss with your mini fridge as your trusty tool to help stay hydrated. For the Horde!

Mini Fridge for $189.99



The classic gift to regift. Don’t we all have three of these by now?

Buy The Gift That Keeps On Giving for $19.90


USB Powered Desk Fan

Extremely helpful for hot summer days gaming. High quality, portable, and quiet enough to be able to not annoy your friends with air constantly blowing into your mic (we all have that friend that just can’t seem to figure out that we don’t want to hear their industrial sized box fan while gaming!)

Desk Fan For $9.99

Dice Towers
A fun stocking stuffer! A nice gift to be able to assemble with your child the morning of opening gifts - really nice if you’re throwing some dice in that stocking!

Dice Tower for $11.99



We wish you luck in finding all the gifts you need this season!

The Inked Gaming Team

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