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Coming Soon: Black Friday & Cyber Monday at Inked Gaming

Although we’re not quite out of October yet, and still have Halloween to look forward to, we wanted to give you a little sneak preview about some of the surprises coming in late November. Specifically, our plans for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are always a big deal for us and for our customers.

As you may know, Black Friday begins on November 26th, so that leaves us with a little less than a month to prep. Luckily, we start thinking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday well in advance, that way we have time to get everything organized and spread the word among our followers. So, consider this your early, early wake-up call!

We have a lot planned for next month, and since November also marks our 10th year of business, we’re going to be even busier...which is good. If you read the 10th Anniversary blog that we recently posted, you’re already aware of just how important this upcoming month is for Inked Gaming and all those who have supported us over the years. That’s why we’re happy to have Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall in the same month.

Starting on November 26th, there will be a big discount on a large collection of products. What discount and which products? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out. Like last year, EVERYONE will have access to the sale, which will last through the weekend and all the way to Cyber Monday, November 29th. That gives you four whole days to get your hands on some premium goods...for a great price. We’ll get into a little more detail about this over the coming weeks.

Now, we’ve spoken about some of the perks that come with being a Consortium member in the past, and with our Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale is here again, those who have chosen to join will get to use some of those perks to their advantage. One such perk is having early access to the sale again this year. Yes, if you’re a Consortium member, you’ll be able to start making your purchases on Wednesday, November 24th, granting you a two-day headstart. Consortium members will also be given exclusive rewards, which will be available to them all month long via their dashboard.

If there was ever a time to be a member of our Consortium loyalty program, it’s now! Again, teasing some details about the upcoming sale is always useful, especially so we can give all non-members a chance to sign up for the Consortium before the action starts. That’s why we would like to encourage all those who have yet to join to do so as soon as they can, in order to take full advantage of all that this Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale has to offer. 

Remember, Consortium membership goes a long way and can prove useful year-round. Go ahead and check out the Consortium page for more information and if it sounds every bit as good as we say, be sure to sign up without delay.

If you’re already signed up for the Consortium and looking to take your membership to the next level, we suggest joining our SMS. The SMS keeps you informed and in the loop with updates and sales alerts, which comes in handy during sitewide sales like this. You can sign up for the SMS by simply texting the word: INKED to (855) 681-1804. Pretty easy.

We’re going to be coming out with more info and details about this year’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale over the next few weeks, so just make a mental reminder to check your inbox and our blog page on a regular basis to avoid missing out on anything important.

We’re super excited for this November...and you should be too!


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