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Announcement: We have Warhammer Quest: Cursed City available for purchase now

Greetings, fellow wargamers! We’ve just added a new game to our collection of goods that we think you’re going to love! That’s right, the highly anticipated Warhammer Quest: Cursed City game has officially dropped on our site and is waiting for you to add it to your cart. We recently sent an email out announcing the availability of this game but thought it couldn’t hurt to have a quick announcement on our blog page as well. 

Cursed City is the latest title in the Warhammer Quest game series and has had wargamers counting the days until its release day, which was on April 10th. 

For those who might not know, Warhammer Quest: Cursed City’s campaign/plot goes like this: 

players are brought to the city of Ulfenkarn, where they embody the role of a team of heroes (known as the Agents of Defiance) that are attempting to free the city of its curse (hence Cursed City) and destroy the undead, vampire-like creatures who inhabit it. Especially its vampire ruler, Radukar the Wolf, who we will touch on in just a moment.

Each player can select one of eight heroes to play as, each of which has its own miniature and origin story. Players will then be faced with overcoming a host of different missions that will challenge their skills and the strengths of their chosen hero. Every mission and obstacle that is successfully overcome will result in players learning more about the nature of the curse and therefore the enemies at the center of it.

Here’s the actual backstory from Warhammer Games Workshop itself to better set the stage:


“Radukar the Wolf saved the city in its darkest hour, but his benevolence didn’t last. Claiming the Ebon Citadel, he surrounded himself with fiends, lackeys, and fellow creatures of the dark, forming his Thirsting Court. For a time peace reigned. Then came the Shyish Necroquake, and the Wolf found himself infused with dark power.

Sallying forth from his castle, Radukar and his court embarked on a murderous rampage. Some were deemed worthy of the Blood Kiss and were turned into vampires themselves – countless others were left as corpses strewn across the streets. The city now stands on the precipice of total doom. Are there any that would risk their lives and their very souls to save it?”

Just like Silver, Tower, and Blackstone Fortress, Cursed City is a co-op game that’s meant for 2-4 players. However, you can choose to go solo on the adventure and save Ulfenkarn yourself, if that’s how you like to roll. 

This game comes with a total of 60 Citadel miniatures, along with a set of rulebooks, tokens, cards, and more! So, it has everything you and your fellow adventurers need to bring the game to life and help you out along the way. 

Like what you’re hearing. Click here to go to our product listing for Warhammer Quest: Cursed City and be sure to get it in your cart and ordered before everyone else beats you to it!

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