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10 Uses For An Inked Gaming Face Shield

Smooth, versatile, durable, and machine washable. These are just a few of the features that make up our handcrafted cloth face shields. As you’ve probably noticed by now, face shields have become a part of the new normal way of living in public life. But, thanks to their flexible and soft design, our face shields can be used for a wide variety of fashionable and protective purposes, besides just covering your face. And that’s what this post is all about.

In what follows, we’re going to briefly go over 10 of the most common and purposeful uses for our face shields. Now, some of you may have already found some other ways to wear and use your face shield. But for those who have yet to explore the many possibilities that they offer, this is going to be a real eye-opener. At least, it was for me.

So, let’s get into it!

#1. Scarf/Neck Gaiter

Keep your neck cozy and comfortable during harsh conditions when you use your face shield as a scarf or neck gaiter. It’s thin, lightweight cloth material allows your skin to stay cool and breathable on warmer days. You can even use it as a protective scarf on cooler windy days as well. Our face shields are also good for keeping your neck covered and protected from the sun’s rays, which is a great segway to our next point. 

#2. Sunshade

Our face shields allow you to stay made in the shade all day long wherever you go. Since it covers your face, nose, and neck, these face shields make for great protection against the sun. Whether you find yourself outside for extended periods of time for work or play, our face shields are ideal for keeping you protected from the sun’s UV light throughout the day.

#3. Bandana

I wear a cloth face shield wherever I go these days, but when I’m in a car or walking alone, I find myself raising it over my face and using it as more of a bandana. I’m sure there are many who have done the same at some point. Uh oh...I hear crickets chirping. Well, if you’ve ever had a bad hair day or a sudden gust of wind makes your hair look even more disheveled than it already was — true story — you should understand. Of course, you can always wear it this way if you just want to look cool, especially if you have one that features an awesome design!

#4.  Balaclava

Thinking about going skiing or taking a ride on your bike on a cool night? You can always use your face shield as a balaclava on your next adventure. As we mentioned before, our face shields can be used in almost any weather condition. That’s why most people have taken to using them against the wind’s sharp bite. This is just another example of how versatile these shields really are.

#5. Dust shield

Do you live in a state that has occasional dust storms every now and then? Well, I can tell you that masks like these can definitely come in handy if you do. We often see dust storms — or haboobs as they’re called — in more dry regions. So, if you live in a dry area, like me, you know the importance of these shields better than anyone. It’s also great for keeping you insulated from pollution, which exists everywhere. You can protect yourself from dust during leisure activities like hikes and rides on dirt bikes as well.

#6. Scrunchie/Hair tie

I told you our face shields served multiple purposes and this is another shining example. Since these shields have openings at both ends and feature an elastic/flexible material, they are ideal for using as a scrunchie or hair tie. I can’t say I’ve used my face shield for this purpose myself because my hair isn’t long enough. However, I can say that I’ve seen many people take advantage of their shields in this way, mostly because of their elastic material, which creates a comfortable and secure fit around your hair. Not a bad idea, huh?

#7. Headband 

You can even use these masks in your daily workout/exercise routine as well, by having them act as a headband. Thanks to their absorbent fabric and snug fit, our face shields are great for keeping sweat at bay and hair off your face while you exercise. Whether you run, cycle, lift, or spar, these face shields can keep you dry and comfortable during the most rigorous workouts!

#8. Wrist band

When it comes to using your face shield as a wristband, there are those who would ask: “why?” But, because our face shields are flexible, comfortable and offer a customizable design, we say: “why not?” So, if you’re looking to change things up a bit from the usual rubber wristbands, this face shield can be the next best thing. That means you can wear your heart/personality on your face or your sleeve (wrist) wherever you go! 

#9. Costume prop

Whether it’s for a rave, DJ session, stream or a play you’re putting on in your backyard, our face shields make great costume props, too. Bandits, pirates, creepy creatures and more can be brought to life by using a face shield like this. And its lightweight, breathable design means you can wear this shield comfortably for long periods of time. So, if you’re predicting a long day or night ahead, you won’t have to worry about breaking character with this specially designed cloth face shield.

#10. Last resort face cover for pandemic

Okay, you knew I was going to mention this eventually, but I wanted to keep this post as upbeat and light as possible. That’s why I decided to save this one for last. As we’ve said in previous posts and descriptions, these face shields DO NOT prevent disease. Instead, it’s better if you think of them as more of a last-ditch effort for preventing the spread of communicable diseases. Just keep this mind when shopping our cloth face shields.

Again, our handmade cloth face shields are crafted in such a way that makes them extremely flexible and great for a variety of different uses. In fact, these kinds of masks are so versatile, that we probably left a few usages out. So, what are some other purposeful ways you could wear these face shields? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Don’t have a face shield yet? Head over to our website and order yours today! Also, don’t forget that our face shields are machine washable and should be washed after every use.

Until we meet again,

Vince the Prince

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