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WWE superstars to join the D&D Live Event action this month

After researching the info/details for my previous D&D Live Event announcement post, I came across another intriguing story that I thought you may like as well. It turns out that those celebrities/comedians that I listed in last week’s blog are not the only stars that will be having some D&D fun this month. According to numerous reports, a group of WWE stars is set to have their own campaign going on at this year’s D&D Live. Fittingly enough, they’re calling it The Chaos Carnival. 

The name alone tells me that we’re in for an action-packed campaign, with a lot of combat, carnage, and all of which will be going down at an actual table, as opposed to a ring. Hopefully, no one will be suplexed through that table by the time the event is over. Although I wouldn’t really be disappointed if they did, would you? We’ll have to see what their chairs are made of as well. 

Here are some details on what we know about “The Chaos Carnival” so far, as we draw closer to the event:

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, D&D Live 2021 will take place from July 16th - July 17th. During those two days, the various campaigns will be streamed to audiences via D&D’s Twitch, Youtube, Peacock, and the G4 network. Just like the comedians at the Lost Odyssey: Last Light Table, The Chaos Carnival will feature four adventurers and one DM to lead them. That makes five people sitting at this table, four of which are stars in the WWE sphere.

So, who are they? Glad you asked. The five players participating in The Chaos Carnival are:

  • Xavier Woods
  • Ember Moon
  • Mace
  • Tyler Breeze
  • Aabria Iyengar - DM

  • Aabria Iyengar is a notable RPG streamer and podcaster who has taken part in her fair share of campaigns since 2019. You’ve probably heard her name if you frequent pods/shows like Critical Role, Narrative Telephone, Storybenders, and others. She even served as DM for the Exandria Unlimited campaign that began on June 24th. So, these WWE warriors are getting a seasoned DM who may have a few tricks up her sleeve. I don’t imagine that she’s going to go easy on them, even if they are bigger and stronger. DM 101. 

    One of my favorite parts about this D&D Live event is how they help to give back to charitable organizations that are in need of support and awareness. The comics at the Lost Odyssey: Last Light Table will be raising money for the Extra Life organization, while the stars from The Chaos Carnival will be supporting Connor's Cure.

    Just like Extra Life, Connor’s Cure supports children’s hospitals and health. Specifically, the fight against pediatric cancer. Connor’s Cure is actually very close to the hearts of all those who are involved with the WWE, as it was founded by two WWE veterans, who also happen to be married. They are Paul Triple H Levesque and Stephanie McMahon (daughter of Vince McMahon). I was a die-hard fan of WWE/WWF growing up, so to hear these names is really awesome. 

    The foundation itself was started back in 2014 and named after Connor Michalek who was a huge fan of the WWE and its superstars. At just 8 years old, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, an honor that he would receive posthumously. Today, the WWE keeps fighting the battle against pediatric cancer, which is why they take whatever chance they can get to support Connor’s Cure. So, not only are we going to have some fun during this D&D Live event, we’re going to help serve a great cause as well. 

    I like to keep these blogs fun and upbeat, but I was so touched and impressed with this foundation that I just had to go a little deeper. You can find out more about Connor’s Cure by clicking the link here

    Right now, I’m letting out a loud WOOOO just thinking about D&D Live and The Chaos Carnival. That’s for all you Ric Flair fans.

    With that, I think this year’s D&D Live is going to be nothing short of amazing, especially with so many great campaigns and players on the docket. Let me know if you feel the same in the comments section. Feel free to leave me any thoughts, comments, opinions, or further info you may have as well.

    Until we meet again,

    Vince The Prince

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