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WOTC is eying an in-person MTG comeback

I actually didn’t know about this news until our Operations Manager, Mitch, gave me a heads up on it just hours after the story came out. That’s why I’m glad to have team members who consistently keep their eyes and ears open 24/7, especially when it comes to our favorite games. This is BIG news for the MTG community and hopefully, we start seeing a trend among other TCG/CCG titles as well. However, we have to see if this plan can be implemented first.

According to Wizards/Magic, there is a plan in place to bring back in-person MTG gatherings and play, which is something gamers from all over have been waiting for for quite some time. MTG was actually on the brink of introducing us to some really awesome events, prizes, and other cool ways to play, but those plans were put on hold due to COVID-19. However, things seem to be slowly returning to normal and that’s why Wizards has been piecing together a plan for what their MTG in-person events will look like after certain restrictions have been lifted.

WOTC has already taken the first step back in the right direction by recently lifting the ban on in-person play on May 28th. Again, this is just a first step. What comes after will be more significant, as they plan to make a complete return to larger in-person gatherings/events by the 2022-2023 season. But, that all depends on how things play out for the remainder of 2021.

Here’s a direct quote from WOTC:

While we're not ready to publish the details for the 2022–2023 season and beyond, we did think it was important to share our current thoughts on that future. As we reimagine our play programs, we are holding these truths at the forefront of all our planning.” You can get the full breakdown of all of these points/truths by clicking here

Not surprisingly, WOTC is putting all of their focus on the days/months that are right in front of us, which is the 2021-2022 season. Again, if they would like to see a full return to normalcy in 2022-2023, they must have a successful 2021 first. So, the next seven to eight months are going to be important. 

This season, players will see a lower number of Rival and Pro leagues (which will end in 2021), higher prize pools, World Championship competition (instead of Leagues), fixed fees, and more. Again, feel free to get all of the info straight from the source by clicking here.

I want to hear your thoughts on this recent development, which you can leave for me in the comments below. Also, be sure to share your expectations for this 2021-2022 season and if you were planning on taking part in any of the events that are coming up. This is MAJOR news in the MTG/CCG world, and I’d like to get your take on it.

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