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This Week’s Inkcredible Flash Sale

Tuesdays are for flash sales here at Inked Gaming, and just like last week, we have another special offer that includes two pieces of premium gear that can enhance the way you play! Since we’re all about creative freedom and unique style, we’ve decided to throw one of our best custom goods into the mix for today’s sale, which also includes a top-flight set of Dragon Shield sleeves. Yep, we’re doubling down this week, so to speak, and hope that everyone will join the fun. 

Today, anyone who buys a set of Dragon Shield Dual Sleeves will get 15% OFF our Custom Standard Playmat. All you have to do is add both items to your cart, personalize your playmat with a unique custom design, and use the code: INKCREDIBLE at checkout for the discount to automatically apply to your order. 

Dragon Shield Dual Sleeves - Lightning
Dragon Shield Dual Sleeves - Orchid

These are just a couple of variants that are available for these Dragon Shield Dual Sleeves, and this exclusive offer applies to all of them. These sleeves are made sturdy and sleek with Dragon Shield’s signature design that allows players to protect and handle their cards with ease. The clear front and opaque back give your cards a nice, clean look as well. The box is capable of holding 75+ single-sleeved cards or 65+ double-sleeved cards at a time. 

There’s no doubt about it, these Dual Sleeves look great and feel great from every angle. Now, just picture them on a playmat that features a favorite, custom design of your choosing.


Inked Gaming Custom Playmat

Remember, this journey began with giving gamers the opportunity to express themselves through custom gear that can be made to feature a one-of-a-kind design that may have only ever existed in their imagination. Of course, there are certain boundaries that we have to stay within when creating these custom items, (see our terms and conditions) but other than that, we want you to be as bold and creative as you can be. 

Our Standard Custom Playmat measures 24” x 14” inches and features the same premium materials that make up all of our mats. This includes a soft, sleek cloth material on the top and sturdy, anti-slip rubber backing on the bottom. 

So, as soon as you’ve finished reading this, we encourage you to swing by our supplies page and pick up a pack of Dragon Dual Sleeves. Then, head over to our custom playmats collection, where you can personalize your standard mat. Don’t forget to add some upgrades to it when you’re finished. Again, just use the code: INKCREDIBLE and the discount will apply to the playmat at checkout!

See you next week!


Inked Gaming


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