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They’re Here! Fresh Frank Frazetta Designs have come to Inked Gaming!

Frank Frazetta’s team has given us a new group of cool creatures to feature in our collection, and we’re thrilled to have them printed on our products! We’ve been trying to gain access to these exclusive designs for quite some time, which is why we’re thankful that both sides were able to partner up once again and bring them to our site. 

Every Frank Frazetta design we receive is an amazing addition to our growing collection. The Godfather of Fantasy Art has graced us with a host of stunning, iconic pieces that give our gear and TCG goods an extra touch of magic. This week, welcomed the Barbarian, the Headless Horseman, the Silver Warrior, the Destroyer, and the Vampire Mistress to our world!

Headless Horseman
the Barbarian

Silver Warrior

the Destroyer

Vampire Mistress

No matter what captivates you—a fascination with the primal might of the Barbarian, an eerie intrigue in the enigmatic Headless Horseman, a deep admiration for the noble presence of the Silver Warrior, an unwavering awe at the indomitable force of the Destroyer, or an enchanting allure towards the mesmerizing Vampire Mistress—we’re confident that one of these creatures will make a powerful companion during your favorite game!

Again, we are excited and honored to have these cool creatures on our site. After getting our first glimpse of these designs, we knew that they would look even more awesome on our playmats, dice bags, mousepads, and more. So, if you’re looking for a way to enhance your play or level up your setup, these Frank Frazetta creations should be at the top of your list, especially if you have other Frazetta originals in your collection!

As we’ve learned with each new design, the fantasy art world is filled with wonder and delight. With Frank Frazetta as our guide, let's unleash our imaginations and marvel at the awe-inspiring creatures and characters he has brought to life!


Team Inked


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