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The One Ring: A $2 Million Quest for MTG’s rare Lord of the Rings treasure!

Ever since we first began highlighting and announcing MTG’s Lord of the Rings crossover, we knew it was going to be big. After all, with such amazing cards, characters, and features, it doesn’t get more awesome when two epic worlds collide. So, with Tales of Middle-Earth finally releasing on June 23, we get the chance to see just how big it can be. But, there’s one key piece of this crossover that has collectors everywhere tripping over one another.

You may recall that in some of our previous updates prior to the release of Tales of Middle-Earth, we listed some of the cards that would be featured in the set. While we thought that all of them looked pretty amazing, there’s one that is creating quite a stir in the MTG collector’s community. True to the story, it’s the asset that everyone is after – The One Ring.

The One Ring

Today, The One Ring has a hefty bounty attached to it that is worth more than a winning lottery ticket in some states, and it just keeps going up with each passing week. The big story right now is focusing on Gremio de Dregones, a Spanish gaming store that has made an extraordinary announcement by offering a whopping two million euros (approximately $2.1 million USD) for The One Ring card. 

Gremio de Dregones has even upped the ante by offering to fly the lucky cardholder to Valencia with all expenses paid and a $2 million reward waiting for them. With such a large payout and all expenses paid vacation on the table, it’s fair to say that the stakes are pretty high, with the potential to go even higher the longer it takes. Of course, by putting this offer forward, Gremio de Dregones has conditions as well. This offer will only be on the table for a limited time and the card has to be in good to pristine condition.

Even pro football player and passionate collector Cassius Marsh has offered a significant amount for the possession of The One Ring, but let’s just say his offer isn’t quite as enticing as Gremio de Dregones’. Right now, Marsh is willing to put up $500k for the card along with a nice vacation to California where the finder will be paid in full. 

Even amidst all the cash and chaos circling the retrieval of this card, another bidder has thrown their hat into the ring for The One Ring as well. Dave and Adam's card company has put up a cool million for anyone who delivers the card to their door. 

With all of that in mind, it’s fair to say that the person who does find the single copy of the special edition Ring will have quite a decision to make. Call it a blessing and curse. They will be sitting on a winning lottery ticket, but where will they choose to cash it? Some would say that is a good problem to have, but it may not be all that easy to decide, especially with so many great offers to consider. 

We want to get your thoughts on this story as well. What do you think of the bounty that has been placed upon The One Ring? If you were the one to find it, would you take any of the offers that are available, or would you play it cool and keep the treasure for yourself? We would ask you to let us know if you are the lucky finder of this card, but we understand if you wish to remain anonymous.

Remember, Tales of Middle-Earth officially released last week, so if you want to go looking for The One Ring yourself, you may find it in a Collector’s Booster pack mixed in with 15 randomized cards. Who knows, maybe this rare version of the ring is waiting to find you instead!

Now is a good time to let you that a fresh creation by Frank Frazetta has been unveiled on our website, and it comes to us just in time for the release of this crossover set. It's called The Halflings!

The Halflings

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