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Supply Drop Saturday

It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for us to log this week’s activity in our Supply Drop mission dossier. Here you’ll find all the latest updates and info about our Supply Drops boxes, including the surprises that our luckiest subscribers found in theirs this month!


Who has a Treasure Chest coming this month, Mateys?

Ahoy there! We’ve been sending out our upgraded Supply Drop Treasure Chests to a handful of lucky subscribers, including two that are packed and ready to set sail! Just like all the others before it, these Treasure Chests are being sent to a subscriber that was randomly selected from our list of orders. 

One lucky subscribers will be receiving a Pokémon Elite Treasure Chest filled with a trove of premium goods. We snapped some pics before it was sent out. Take a look at what was inside:

Pokémon Elite Treasure Chest

We hope you enjoy the precious pieces we packed in your treasure chest. No matter what your game, we think you’ll agree that the goods in these treasure chests are as good as gold. If you’re subscribed to our Supply Drops, we suggest that you stay in the crow’s nest and keep a sharp eye out, as there may be a treasure chest coming on the horizon.

Have you received a Treasure Chest?

If you are or ever have been the lucky recipient of one of our Supply Drop Treasure Chests, we would love to hear what you think about it! All you have to do is post about it on social media, tag us, and email the link to the post to By doing so, you will also earn $25 OFF your NEXT supply drop order! Talk about a win-win.

Cool coloring mats are coming this spring!

In our last letter, we teased that something exciting would be announced in February. Even though the cold temperatures are still keeping us bundled up, we’re looking forward to spring, which is why our team is preparing a fun new piece for our March Supply Drops. 

In addition to gaming, we’re all about creative expression, and always searching for ways to encourage our followers to be artistic and unique. So, we’re in the process of creating a fresh, spring-themed coloring mat for our subscribers.

We don’t want to reveal too much too soon, but we figured we should at least pull back the curtain a bit more as we draw closer to March. This will be a stencil type mat that can be colored on and decorated using markers. These markers will be packed in every Supply Drop box, that way you can start coloring right away.

Again, you can expect to find these coloring mats in your March Supply Drop. For now, we’re keeping the mats design under wraps, but you can expect more details in the next few weeks. Until then, keep an eye out for additional updates and don’t forget to check out this newsletter on the regular.

What are gamers saying about Inked Gaming Supply Drops?

Since launching our Supply Subscriptions a year ago, understanding our subscribers' thoughts has been paramount. Gathering feedback and suggestions is key to improving the experience for all. Thankfully, our subscribers are consistently forthcoming with their experiences. Check out some recent reviews we've received!

Devin B.

“Well worth the 100 I spent, will continue to subscribe.”

Christine J.

“My 14 year old LOVED the box and cannot wait until the next month.”

Marc A.

“The card sleeves were nice, and the collector booster was also great.”

Steven W.

“I ordered an epic subscription box and it arrived crazy fast. I made my choices as I play digimon and my favorite color is blue. I received 7 packs of cards and a newer starter deck which is awesome. 2 boxes of dragon shield sleeves(purple and nebula), a Christmas game mat and a clear confetti deck box from ultra pro.”

Kenny P.

“Always fun to get cards, Dragonshield sleeves are the best sleeves as far as I’m concerned, and the new deck box goes perfectly with them. Got a cool pin for the board with it all and this is the happiest I’ve ever been with a mystery box.”

Justin R.

“Picking your TCG of choice is a nice touch, but also having items that are specific to that TCG would make each box that much better. Will be keeping my subscription for the foreseeable future.”

Just like our Supply Drops, we covered a lot of ground in this week’s Supply Drop Saturday update, and we look forward to doing so every other Saturday from here on. Thank you for joining us!


Team Inked


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