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Stunning Artwork on your Playmat: Exploring Artists and Collaborations at Inked Gaming

Ever since we first began this adventure, one of our key beliefs has been that having a visually captivating playmat can make all the difference, especially when it comes to enhancing your gaming experience. At Inked Gaming, we take pride in partnering with talented artists from all over the world who create unique and stunning game mats that add a touch of visual magic to our customers’ favorite games.

By collaborating with these creative wizards, we have welcomed a wide range of amazing designs to our world. Each piece has found its place printed on our playmats and other premium products, unlocking a mass of awesome options for our gamers.

In this blog, we will delve into the world of these artists and explore some of the exciting collaborations that bring their incredible artwork to life on our game mats. Get ready to embark on a journey where imagination meets gaming!

The Power of Artistic Collaboration

Art has the ability to transport us to different worlds, and in the realm of gaming, it adds depth and immersion to our favorite tabletop adventures. We believe that the fusion of art and gaming creates something truly extraordinary. Our collaborations with renowned artists from various genres and styles allow us to offer an incredible range of playmat designs. 

From fantasy realms to sci-fi landscapes, and anime characters and creatures, our collection showcases stunning artwork that captures the essence of different gaming worlds. Each artist brings their unique vision to our mats, ensuring that there's something for every gamer's taste. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to stand out at the table or tournament, a playmat design from some of our most talented artists should do the trick!

Meet the Talented Artists

We are privileged to work with an exceptional group of artists who bring their creativity and passion to each game mat design. Let's explore a few of the talented individuals who have contributed to our collection:

Frank Frazetta: Known for his legendary fantasy artwork that spans over 60 years, Frank Frazetta, The Godfather of Fantasy Art, has created breathtaking designs that transport players to realms filled with mythical creatures and epic battles.


The Berserker by Frank Frazetta


Michael Whelan: With a distinct sci-fi style, award-winning artist Michael Whelan has collaborated with us to produce playmats, and other items, that depict wondrous worlds, complete with futuristic cities, brave warriors, and serene scenes. These same designs appear on the covers of bestselling novels as well.

Rhythm of War by Michael Whelan

Ben Jackson: Specializing in vibrant and colorful illustrations, [Artist Name] has contributed stunning artwork that immerses players in extraordinary and enchanting settings, perfect for games that call for an extra dash of magic.

Magical Book by Ben Jackson

David Lozeau: As a renowned Day of the Dead artist, David Lozeau has mastered the art of bringing bad-to-the-bone skull designs to life! Just have a look through his collection and you’ll see what we mean!

Lever Action by David Lozeau

And there are more artists like this in the Inked Gaming community…much more. That’s why we also encourage you to explore ALL of the artists who have chosen to partner up with us and bring their unique visions to our collection. You will be amazed by what you find!

Customization Options

Since we recognize the importance of artistic expression and personalization, one of our most crucial collaborations is with you! Our community consists of highly unique and artistic gamers that are looking for a blank canvas where their creativity can run free. That’s why we offer custom playmats that empower you to showcase your personality in style during every battle.

Here are some custom designs of our own:


Custom mat design

Custom Playmat Design

Personalized playmats can be the key to standing out in the crowd and advertising who you are during streams as well. Whether you have a specific design/art in mind or wish to show off a favorite photo or personal logo, our customization tools enable you to bring your vision to life.

We also offer an Editing and Preview option that allows you to follow the custom creation process every step of the way. This upgrade can help to ensure that the final product is nothing short of a masterpiece tailored specifically to your liking.

With all of that said, let’s keep one important point in mind: gaming is not just about the mechanics, it’s about an immersive experience that can transport you to another world. That’s what we mean when we say, “Elevate your game”. Inked Gaming knows this better than any, which is why it’s so important for us to welcome as many artists as we can to our world.

By partnering with these talented artists, we are able to bring visually stunning artwork to our playmats, allowing you to enhance your gaming experience and express your individuality. This is especially true for our custom playmats as well. 

As long as you’re here, feel free to check out our collection and discover the playmats that truly reflect your style and ignite your imagination. If that means creating a custom one of your very own…we’re looking forward to partnering with you!

Until we meet again,

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