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Product Highlight: Squire 100+ XL Convertible (2021 Edition)

Here’s a new edition addition to our site that we think you’ll appreciate, especially if you’re looking for something strong, durable, and reliable enough to safeguard your double-sleeved cards. The Squire 100+ XL Convertible case is designed to give gamers a unique and convenient way of protecting their precious pieces, which can include more than just cards. 

This 2021 edition of the Convertible has a few new features that make defending and accessing your deck easier than ever. The case itself can store 100 regular double-sleeved cards and has been given added space for tokens or perhaps even Commander Decks placed in thicker inner sleeves. That extra bit of room comes in handy when packing up for tournaments and/or other big game gatherings.

Squire XL 100+ Convertible

Additionally, the skin enveloping the case is Gamegenic’s own black Nexofyber+ material, which is coupled with a soft, vibrant orange microfiber inner lining. Both materials protect the cards from the outside and keep them comfortable on the inside. The magnets create a tight, secure closure as well. You can remove and display your cards in a variety of ways as well, which is why they call it a Convertible case. With all of these features and protective elements, this is one deck case no gamer should go without!

This kind of supreme protection gives you the confidence to carry your cards wherever, whenever the game is going down, without having to worry about risking their clean condition.  And the fact that the Convertible offers easier methods of accessing your deck is a bonus that not too many others can check off their deck boxes.

If you’re intrigued by what the Squire 100+ XL Convertible case can give your cards, take the next step and have a closer look at the listing. If you still like what you hear and see, go ahead and order it up as soon as you can. The holidays are right around the corner as well, so if you know another fellow gamer who can use a new case for defending their deck this would be a great gift idea. Just a thought!

Talk to you soon!

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