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Pins and Points available for customers during our 10th Anniversary Celebration

It’s finally here! We’ve had this week circled and highlighted on our calendar since January, and now that it’s arrived, we want to make it just as special as we imagined it would be...for us and for you! That’s why we’re offering some cool pins and perks for those who have helped Inked Gaming become what it is today. 10 years in business is a milestone for any company, but the fact that we’ve been able to grow our business with support from both the inside and the outside makes such an achievement even sweeter!

As we’ve said countless times before, our customers/followers are the driving force behind our success and that’s something that we’ve remembered since the day we started. A company built by gamers for gamers can only thrive if it has a supportive community that feels just as strongly about gaming as we do. That unwavering loyalty and support, even through one of the toughest periods that the world has ever faced, has not gone unnoticed. 

We LOVE what we do, but after 10 years and a countless number of transactions and interactions, we’ve realized that we love our customers even more. It’s because of you that we get to do what we love. So, we’re rewarding you with a small token of appreciation that will make this a November to remember...forever!

All week long, we’re giving every customer/shopper that wants one a FREE limited edition pin, which will be included in every order for those who choose to add them to their cart when they’re ready to checkout. So, be sure to do some shopping on our site this week so you don’t miss out on one of these special little pins. After all, they’re free! Here’s what they look like:

10th Anniversary pin

We also wanted to give an extra big thank you to all of the members of our Consortium Loyalty program! By signing up to the Consortium, you’ve shown even more commitment and loyalty to helping us grow and we really can’t thank you enough - but we can try! Consortium membership leads to a lot of great perks, especially during times like these. This week we’re stepping it up a notch. Past purchasers who have ordered gear from us prior to November 10th, 2021 will receive a certain amount of bonus points based on the number of orders that they’ve placed until now. 


Anniversary points


There’s a 10,000 point limit on this bonus (because even we have to have some sanity), but just think about the different rewards that you could redeem with some extra points!. Everyone that qualifies can find these points in their Consortium accounts on November 10, 2021.

Every day, we think about what it’s taken to get here and what we have to do to get to where we’re going. It’s then that we realize just how much we need you by our side every step of the way. We’ve been delivering premium goods, gear, and service to our customers for 10 years, and if we continue to do what we do best, for the people who appreciate it most, we’ll be able to add another zero to that number!

Have a great week!


Team Inked!

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