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New Kai Plushies Have Arrived

They’re here, and just in time for the new year! After a lot of anticipation, teasing, and build-up, we’re proud to announce that our new Kai Plushies have officially been added to our collection and are available for purchase now! 

When we first started thinking about the design for this plushie, we really wanted something that represented both Inked Gaming and Kraken Cards. Something that incorporates elements from both brands and shows everyone who we are…and how far we’ve come. After going through several variations and combinations, we finally decided on a design that checked all of the boxes. And this is how it came out:

New Kai Plushie

Between the colors, the soft, premium materials that it’s made of, and the way Kai is holding on to that D20, this plushie came out beautifully…if we say so ourselves. Again, to us, this is more than just a plushie, it’s a symbol of how far we’ve come and how much further we can go from here. 2021 marked our 10th year in business, which makes 2022 the start of a new chapter on our journey to 20, and hopefully 100. 

It’s super exciting to finally have these plushies available for purchase on our site. Some of you may remember that we had just a few available to our Consortium members during the days of our Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Based on the numbers, we predict that they will be even more popular now that they are available to all of our customers.

Now, one important point that you should be reminded of is that these plushies are extremely limited. If you read any of our previous teasers or coming soon blog and emails that we’ve sent out, you know that we’re expecting less than 1% of shoppers (according to our calculations) will be able to grab one of these plushies while they’re in stock.

With that in mind, we say, if you want one of these sweet new Kai Plushies in your collection, don’t delay adding it to your cart. The plushie went live on our site this morning and it’s uncertain whether or not they’ll still be in stock by this time next week. So, as soon as you’ve finished reading this, head over to the listing HERE and grab your Kai Plushie today!

Happy New Year!


Team Inked

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