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New Art Spotlight: September 2022

Well, here we are again! It’s somehow been another whole month, and even though it feels like someone hit the fast-forward button, we’re excited to present our New Art Spotlight selections for September. We had a variety of amazing designs come our way this month, all from gifted artists who we are proud to have in our community. A community that is still growing as we speak.

Yes, with so many stunning designs being delivered each week, it’s tough to pick a favorite. In fact, it’s tough to even narrow it down to a top three. But, since our NAS feature requires three designs from three different designers, we had to try. So, we went with three designs that we thought everyone would enjoy, especially this time of year.

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Xenomorph Princess

 Xenomorph Princess

Artist: JXG Art

I've been creating art for many years, and recently started doing fan art, mainly of YuGiOh! I decided to do something different and chose to create pinup-style pieces of YuGiOh characters. I posted some of my work online, and due to the positive reviews I received, I decided to keep going with it. 

If you ever want to hit me up with a question about my art, or even any commission work, feel free to hit me up anytime on any of the various websites below or email me at

Social Links:

You can find my artwork on any of the following sites: 

(Just a heads up, some of my stuff is a bit NSFW)

Twitter: @JXG_art


Try Me

Try Me

Artist: Colordrilos

Make everything colorful is our motto, give you more reasons to show off against your opponent is our mission.


Social Links:


Twitter: @malkee



Into the Woods

Into The Woods

Artist: Rogier van de Beek

Hello! I'm Rogier van de Beek! I'm a freelance illustrator and concept artist from the Netherlands. I've worked on several big game franchises as World of Warcraft – TCG, HEX, pathfinder, and many more. I'm passionate about creating fantastical characters and landscapes, filled with monsters and magic.

And Orcs of course!

Let’s rock this October!


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