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New Art Spotlight: January 2022

 The first month of 2022 is almost off the calendar, and that means it’s time to highlight three more designs in our monthly New Art Spotlight post. We hope that the new year has been going well for you so far, but if not, maybe these three arts/artists can give you a little boost heading into February. We’re fortunate to receive so many new designs each month, which is why we so look forward to featuring these NAS posts at the end of each month.

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Artist: Dameon White

I consider myself a problem solver. Really, what often drives me to create something is when I can’t quite find what I’m looking for. I’m all about supporting work that’s already created if it suits my needs. In other words, if it looks hot, I’ll buy it. Where it doesn’t (or when I simply can’t find it) I will take inspiration from colors and designs I’ve come across along the way and create something special that’s meant to fit a specific need at that time. Truthfully, I only came to Inked Gaming to design my own custom desk mat because I couldn’t quite find what i was looking for. But, along the way, I realized that there might be others like me who would appreciate some of the designs, so I figured I’d make them available.



Artist: Damaride Neurommancer

Hello - Damaride here! I am a molecular biologist/artist; I work on digital and hand-painted pieces alike. Please check out more platforms where you can find me!

Social Links:

Alter Sleeves: (@damarideneurommancer)

Instagram:  (@damarideneurommancer)

Facebook:  (@damarideneurommancer)

Twitter:  (@damneurommancer)


Artist: Beyond The Machina

HI! I make cool stuff I think is pretty rad. My name is Drew Pierce and I'm an Artist/Graphic Designer from Dayton OH. I've been drawing since I could hold a pen, but since 2016 I've really taken making art into something I can see myself doing. So far I've made a full comic book (and am working on more), various album artworks for local bands, and of course, some really cool artwork that looks outright fantastic on playmats and other products. I am a huge pop-culture fan and avid Magic: The Gathering player and am often inspired by both when I create.

Social Links:

My style is usually one of heavy black and white, emphasizing positive and negative space and sometimes having a dual or hidden meaning. When it's not that style, my work often has a rough comic-inspired look or whatever I'm having fun with at the time. You can follow, support, and message me at these places:





Or if you can email me personally at

Thanks a ton for checking out my work! If you like what I do make sure to check me out, share it around, give me a follow, etc. Keep an eye out, my friends!


Let’s gear up for a fabulous February!



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