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New Art Spotlight: January 2021

We had a peek at our calendar for the first time in quite a while and’s already the end of January!!! The first month of 2021 came and went in a blink, and now we look forward to February. But before we wrap up this month, we have one last piece of business, and that is our monthly New Art Spotlight designs! Each month we pick three amazing artworks that come straight from our gifted artist community and we then feature those three arts in this post. Of course, each month we receive a vast amount of art and designs, which makes the selection process for this monthly feature extremely difficult. As we’ve said before, we LOVE every design in our collection, and for us to only pick three is quite a challenge. But, we think that you’ll be dazzled by the designs that we’ve chosen for closing out January!

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself!


 Artist: Kate Becker
Hi there! My name is Kate Becker and I'm one of the owners of Mox Valley Games in Springfield Oregon. I've drawn creatures and characters my whole life and I've taken up painting to make one of a kind tokens and playmats for our game store. I love to sculpt and enjoy all kinds of fantasy art. 
 You can find more of my work at:
 Kate Becker ( • Instagram photos and videos
Art of Kate Becker


Artist: Shadowtail

Hello, I’m Shadowtail (online that is), an independent artist. Welcome to my gallery. I launched the Fantasy Gallery in 2021 in an effort to share my talent. The support that I have been given from family and the community has been very helpful. I started in the world of Amino before eventually creating a DeviantArt account. 

 I find passion in creating fantasy designs on both ends of the spectrum, both cute and dramatic. This gallery hopefully will have something that catches your eye. If you would like a custom design I will be happy to see what I can do. You can contact me through my email:

Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate it, help spread the word! 

 My DeviantArt account:

My Main Amino account:


Artist: Why Try Designs

My name is Shawn and I've done art all my life. I do art by profession as well. I'm an avid gamer and outdoorsman. I love to do all kinds of art, especially art related to gaming. I started up Why Try Designs to showcase and sell my art ideas and offer my services to people. I can be contacted on any of my social links to commission work you might have ideas for. Just message me and we can talk about your ideas and making them happen. 

 social links:





Here’s to a fabulous February!

Team Inked

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