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Meet Team Rankstar's Competitive The Elder Scrolls: Legends Team!

We're here with another roster breakdown for our Official Digital CCG Team, Team Rankstar! Rankstar has been a very influential force in the Elder Scrolls scene as well as creating some of the best content out there.  We have seen quite a large amount of people from the Elder Scrolls community stopping by our site and taking a look at our products, so welcome!  We are excited to be able to work more closely with the Digital Card Gaming world.  The Elder Scrolls Legends community is a very passionate group of amazing individuals that we're excited to get to know better. Without further ado, here is the profile on Team Rankstar's competitive The Elder Scrolls: Legends roster!  


Team Rankstar established itself in The Elder Scrolls: Legends competitive scene during the summer, when the Quakecon Masters Series was announced. During that time, the team showcased its ability to focus on pushing toward a competitive goal, qualifying two members for the event. Since then, the team has evolved, maintaining its closeness and drive to succeed. The future for the team is looking very bright, as we transition into 2019 with a very strong roster of dedicated players! Let's meet them! 


Having played many card games since they were very young, EndoZoa is no stranger to competition. Having an analytical mind has served them well in the card game space, bringing them all the way to the QuakeCon Master Series Championship of 2018. Whether testing with teammates, refining decklists or participating in Twitch discussions, EndoZoa is an incredibly active and passionate member the TES:Legends community. They bring a unique perspective to the team dynamic that is a critical piece in the longevity of a strong organization.

-Highest Ladder Finish: #6

-Winner of 2nd Masters Qualifier qualifying him for QuakeCon


One of the newest members of Team Rankstar, Pasta also has a deep card game background. With extensive poker experience, they enjoy looking at the numbers behind the game. With an eye for stats and nuance, they are constantly reevaluating board states and outcomes. Someone who enjoys discussing probability of game theory can shape the way players look at the game, which is one of the many reasons that we like Pasta.

-Qualified for QuakeCon


The paternal figure and Captain of the TES:Legends team, “Papa” Lateralus is one of the few people who has had unwavering faith in the longevity of the game. With this attitude, they have brought consistent enthusiasm, motivation and optimism to the team, making them an ideal candidate for Captain. Coupled with their knack for administrative tasks, they have helped push TRS to new heights, helming the “Team Rankstar Classic” tournament series almost entirely on their own.

-Many ladder finishes lower than Traitor-Joe. 

-Many top 8's/4's, but all before being cvhWashed.


The newest member of Team Rankstar, matty was an early adopter of TES: Legends when it came out. Having seen a lot of progress in the games evolution, they have consistenly worked toward innovating new archetypes, refining decks with potential and sharing their ideas with others. As someone with a mind for deck development, they have been a solid addition to the team.

-10 consecutive top 100 ladder finishes, including two top 10's.

-2 second place WarpMeta finishes, and 2 top 4's.

-1st overall in the March 2018 Grand Melee


Paulo aka Pdmd28 aka “The Orc Lord” earned a reputation as one of the top aggro players in the game. Since making trades is nowhere in their vocabulary, they have smorc’d their way to the top of the ladder many times. Being very active in the Twitch community, Twittter discussions and Discord chats has made them one of the most social members of Team Rankstar. The right mix of fun to talk to plus the drive to compete makes them an incredibly well rounded player.

-Highest ladder finish: 10th

-Multiple top 20's and 30's ladder finishes.

-2 top 4's in the TEST Champion Series.


Team Rankstar has positioned itself quite well within The Elder Scrolls: Legends competitive community.  We hope that you'll join us in rooting for this amazing, hardworking group of individuals! 


The Inked Gaming Team

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