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Inked Gaming's Wargaming Mats Overview

Inked Gaming's Wargaming Mats Overview

From time to time, we receive questions about our wargaming playmats – which one should I purchase for my game? Should I get a premade table mat or customize my own? Should I purchase a bag for mine? All these questions and more are completely reasonable – especially for a purchase that is pushing over 50 dollars! We want to make sure your purchase is exactly the table sized playmat you need for your specific game and needs. Without further ado, let’s begin!


Store Art Wargaming Mats - 36"x36" and 48"x48"

Standard Wargaming Mats: Store Artwork

First off, let's talk about our standard wargaming mats with pre-designed artwork. These are available in 36x36 inch mats, as well as many of the pieces of artwork also coming in a 48x48 inch variant. These are great options if you’re looking for a durable, aesthetically pleasing mat to cover your board game table, or even for larger tables at local game stores for card gaming. These mats can have multipurpose uses - many times having artwork on the mat for a corresponding board game (Twilight Imperium, for example), while still providing a protective surface for your other games that don’t need zones on your mat!

 Our pre-designed wargaming art collection!

Games that work well on these mats:

Standard board games

Twilight Imperium


Arkham Horror


Custom Wargaming Mat And Mat Bag - 36"x36" and 48"x48" 

Custom 36x36 Inch Wargaming Mats

This is our custom 36x36 inch collection. You can submit your own artwork on this page. Are you a board game company looking to upgrade from a board to something longer lasting? Or maybe you’re a board game enthusiast that has received an image file from many of the talented designers from around the internet. This is perfect for you. Or, maybe you just want your cat, Phil, on a giant 36x36 inch pad so that you can play board games with him looking at you every day!

Here are some wargames that work great with this product. As with all our product suggestions, there are most likely hundreds or thousands more uses for this product that what we suggest. But these are good, reputable starting points:



Car Wars

X-Wing Game

Make sure you check out our art instructions page if you are looking to work in Photoshop or GIMP for your design project!


Custom 48x48 Inch Wargaming Mats

Much like our 36x36 inch wargaming mats, our 48x48 inch mats are customizable and durable – with square corners. As always, make sure that you check out our art instructions page to make sure you are using the correct specifications. 48x48 inch mats are used quite often for wargaming terrain, as battle mats, or as a generalized table topper for your multipurpose gaming table at home or in the office break room.

Want to take a closer look at this 4 feet by 4 feet GIANT of a mat? Look here!

Here are some war games that are usually played on the 48x48 inch mat. As stated before, this list is just the tip of the iceberg for what you can use these mats for! Make sure you email us at if you have game specific questions.

Blood Bowl








Custom 36x36 Inch Playmat Bag

While our wargaming mats do roll up into easily transportable ‘burrito-like’ rolls, we did have a good number of customers reach out to us regarding carrying cases for this product. Well, our R&D team got to work, and this is what we came up with. Our playmat bags are light, made with tough and durable fabric, come with a cinch at the top to enclose your mat tightly and securely, and are designed to be able to throw over your shoulder for transport or hang up for easy storage.

You can find them, here!


Custom 48x48 Inch Playmat Bag

You can purchase wargaming playmat bags in either 36-inch or our 48-inch variant – depending on what wargaming mat you purchase!

The custom 48 inch playmat bag can be found here.


That wraps up our section on our wargaming mats! Let us know in the comments which games you use your wargaming mat for. We can add those to the list of our suggested games for each product. Otherwise, be sure to go check out our social medias for upcoming deals, promotions, and of course, memes.





See you on the battlefield!


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