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Inked Gaming's Kickstarter Campaign Unlocks Tier 2

We're beyond excited to share some incredible news with you – our Kickstarter campaign has been LIVE for a day, and it’s already making a BIG splash among our community of loyal supporters. In just 24 hours, and we've soared past the $10,000 mark with the help of over 130 backers who believe in our mission and can't wait to join us on this amazing journey.

It's been an electrifying whirlwind of a day here at Inked Gaming, as we've watched the numbers climb and the excitement grow. This early support is a testament to the power of our idea and the strength of our community. We are deeply humbled by your trust and commitment to making this project a reality.

In light of the results that we’ve seen so far, we’ve decided to tinker with our Tiers just a bit, which has actually led us to an exciting update for everyone. Instead of unlocking the 2nd Tier of our Kickstarter project at $30K, we decided to make this Tier available, and each one after it, available with every $10K. That means the awesome art from Tier 2 is available right now on all kits, while supplies last! Those designs include:

  • Toad Rider – Clint Cearley
  • Corgis – Colordrilos
  • Bath Time Kraken – Mathew Sinderson 

  • As our first ever Kickstarter campaign continues, it’s only a matter of time before another tier is unlocked, and more amazing art options are made available for our sleeves, deck boxes, and playmat tubes! Of course, in order to reach the next tier, we need all the support we can get. Spread the word, rally your fellow gamers, and let's keep the momentum going strong.

    This is especially important now since we recently added a bonus tier that will unlock when we hit $25K. Once we reach $25K, Michael Whelan’s Way of Kings art will become available for all of these new products!

    In the meantime, stay tuned, because this Kickstarter journey is far from over. Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to unveil even more mind-blowing surprises that will have you reaching for your headset and controller in eager anticipation.

    We’ll let you know when Tier 3 is unlocked! Thanks again for all the support!


    Team Inked


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