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Inked Gaming’s Top 3 Favorite XXL Extended Mousepad Designs

With so many incredible designs and designers featured on our site, it’s hard not to have a few favorites. As you know, the Inked Gaming team is made up of passionate artists and gamers who love to see such stunning art come to life on products. So this week, we asked our staff to pick some of their favorites from our XXL Extended Mousepad collection. 

Again, we treasure every art and artist that comes to our collection/community, and while we would love to make the list longer, it’s more fun to narrow it down to just 3. These top 3 designs were the most popular picks, and after you see them, you’ll understand why.

Let’s take a look!

Rainbow Cats

 Rainbow Cats

Design by Doodle Cats

Perfect for a month of Pride!

Crocos In Water

Crocos In Water

Design by Colordrilos

Just dive in and swim!

Poseidon’s Gate

Poseidon’s Gate

Design by Clint Cearley

Remember to knock first!

Do any of these designs land in your top 3? If so, be sure to let us know which one. It’s good to see that Clint Cearley is striking a chord with both our staff and customers. Colordrilos and Doodle Cats will always have a place in the top tier as well. All three arts/artists deliver vibrant colors, cute creatures, and wondrous worlds that can spice up any setup!

Whether you use it for work and/or play, an XXL Mousepad can give you the strength to perform at your peak each day. So, if your battlestation can use a boost, be sure to have a look through our XXL Mousepad collection and pick one that matches your personality and play style!

Happy gaming!

Team Inked


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