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Inked Gaming’s Top 3 Favorite Dice Bag Designs

After years of developing such an extensive assortment of breathtaking artwork, we can’t help but pick out the designs that hold the highest favor and admiration within your community. By gauging the responses and reactions received for particular pieces, we can easily identify our customers' most beloved art, particularly those that adorn our dice bags.

This week, we decided to go back to our in-house team to get a feel for their favorites from our Dice Bag collection instead. Once again, after compiling a full list of popular pieces, we picked out the top three that our staff loved the most…and we just had to show them to you!

With that, let's unveil their selections and see which Dice Bags made it to the top three!

Psychedelic Romance

Psychedelic Romance

Design by Allanvre

Live and let love!

Spectrum Flight

Spectrum Flight

Design by Carbon Beaver

If you think it looks cool now, just wait until it lands in your collection!

Widows Weeds

Widows Weeds

Design by Alchemy England

We always give a wink to this fresh ink!

Alchemy England, Allanvre, and Carbon Beaver have an amazing collection of art, and it was only a matter of time before they all landed one of our team’s top 3 lists together. As always, we want to get your thoughts. Do you like our team's top three picks? Can you see one of these dice bag designs in your collection? Are any of these dice bags currently in your collection? Be sure to let us know in the comments below before you go. We would also like to see your top three picks as well. 

Happy gaming!

Team Inked


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