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Inked Gaming Kickstarter Artist Feature: TigaTiga

With a heart that beats for beauty and a soul that seeks inspiration in every corner, TigaTiga is a talented artist who thrives in a world of colors and textures. Hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa, TigaTiga finds all the elements needed to create such amazing art in the world that surrounds them.

From the lush greenery to the vivid flora, TigaTiga is drawn to anything nature-related, and it reflects in their art. But if one creature captures their heart the most, it's the majestic feline—cats hold a special place in their illustrations.

Purrfect Alien

In TigaTiga’s world, art is an adventure—a thrilling exploration of colors, textures, and the untamed creativity that flows from their soul. It’s because of these unique traits and talents that we feel so fortunate to have them in the Inked Gaming artist community, and part of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Like some of the other artists we’ve been highlighting recently, TigaTiga is helping with our first Kickstarter project by allowing us to feature one of their best pieces on those new artist-designed versions of the products that we will be introducing. Those products include new sleeves, deck boxes, and playmat tubes, which will have both customizable and artist-designed options.

Remember, When our Kickstarter kicks off, you're invited to be part of this 30-day rollercoaster of excitement! As newcomers to Kickstarter, we've poured our hearts into preparation and research, all geared towards remarkable success. With our incredible community of artists and gamers, we're confident we'll not only hit but smash our goal in record time!

Just a few days left until liftoff, and we want you onboard! Sign up for our SMS list now to stay in the loop during the campaign. Subscribers get exclusive alerts, including a head start when the campaign goes live. Don't miss out on the fun! Simply text "KICKSTARTER" to +1 (855) 653-2517 to join the party.


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