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Inked Gaming Kickstarter Artist Feature: Colordrilos

Colordrilos is an innovative and passionate artist who lives by the motto “Make everything colorful.” Equipped with a deep appreciation for vibrant hues and a creative vision, this talented artist aims to infuse life with a beautiful mix of colors, characters, and creatures. Colordrilos goes beyond conventional boundaries, transforming ordinary objects and spaces into extraordinary visual experiences. These traits make us proud to have them as part of our growing artist community.

From cute, sword-wielding Corgis, to cool crocodiles, fun feline patterns, and much more, Colordrilos has given us some of the most memorable and playful pieces ever to enter our collection. With a commitment to their craft, and unique creativity to back it up, Colordrilos continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression. They strive to bring beauty and vibrancy into the world, one stroke of color at a time. That’s why we’re also happy to have Colordrilos’ help with our upcoming Kickstarter campaign!


By now, we’ve announced our Kickstarter project all over, but in case you missed it, we are set to launch this campaign in August with hopes of gaining enough support to introduce and re-introduce some sweet customizable and artist-designed products. Among those products is a new set of CUSTOM SLEEVES. That’s right, custom sleeves are coming back, along with some new custom playmat tubes and deck boxes.

Our playmats and mousepads are just the beginning. Brace yourself for the incredible artwork on our sleeves, deck boxes, and playmat tubes. We're on a mission to revolutionize gaming supplies, and our Kickstarter campaign is your ticket to the gaming world of your dreams. With print-on-demand sleeves, playmat tubes, and deck boxes featuring custom artwork from our talented artist community, you're in for a treat. The Kickstarter goes live on August 1 and will remain active for 30 days.

Don't miss a beat as we gear up for this extraordinary August. Join our SMS list and be part of it! Sign up as an SMS subscriber to receive regular updates and a special alert when the campaign launches. Trust us, this head start is an opportunity you can't afford to miss! Simply text KICKSTARTER to +1 (855) 653-2517.

See you soon!

Team Inked


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