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Inked Gaming Kickstarter Artist Feature: Ben Jackson

With a twinkle in his eye and a stylus (or digital paintbrush) in hand, Ben Jackson weaves enchanting designs that bring imagination to life. Ben's canvas knows no bounds, and he revels in the limitless possibilities of his craft. He has an insatiable passion for conjuring up fantastical worlds that transport you to places where anything can happen. From mystical creatures to awe-inspiring landscapes, his creations are a gateway to escapism at its finest.

Drawing inspiration from a plethora of sources, Ben's artistic journey is a thrilling trek. Comic books have taught him the art of storytelling, card games have honed his eye for detail, while films and television have ignited his imagination like a firework show on a starry night.

So, if you're ready to escape reality for a while and embark on a journey of magic and wonder, make sure to check out more of Ben Jackson's incredible creations. Let his art bewitch your senses and ignite your imagination – you won't be disappointed! And the best part is…Ben is one of the artists who will be featured in our Kickstarter starting in August.

Ben Jackson joins a great group of artists who have agreed to let us feature their work during the days of our Kickstarter campaign and put them on the new artist-designed products that we are putting forth. These products include sleeves, playmat tubes, and deck boxes, all of which will have customizable options as well. But, if you love Ben’s best work, such as the all-powerful Ornamental Lotus!

Ornamental Lotus

The Kickstarter campaign marks the beginning of an extraordinary 30-day event that we invite everyone to participate in! While it's our inaugural Kickstarter launch, we have dedicated significant effort, conducted thorough research, and remained committed to ensuring its success. We are optimistic that, with the backing of our enthusiastic and supportive community of artists and gamers, we will not only meet but surpass our goal in record time. 

The Kickstarter launch is just days away, but we still would like to see more subscribers sign up for our SMS list. Stay in the loop during the campaign by subscribing to our SMS updates! As a subscriber, you'll receive timely notifications, including a special alert when the campaign goes live, granting you an exclusive headstart you won't want to pass up. Simply text "KICKSTARTER" to +1 (855) 653-2517 to join up.

We want to thank Ben Jackson again for helping us with our first Kickstarter campaign and for giving us one of his best pieces to feature on the new products that we are introducing. Keep an eye out for more updates and announcements as we draw closer to the launch!


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