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Inked Gaming Kickstarter and Custom Sleeves Update!

I am excited to share updates on our upcoming Kickstarter campaign and the return of Custom Sleeves to our collection. We want to assure you that the campaign is happening and the Custom Sleeves, along with other new art and custom products, will be added to the Inked Gaming collection. The details of what, why, and how remain the same; however, the launch date has been slightly postponed.

Unfortunately, we encountered technical issues while finalizing our samples, resulting in a delay in the initial launch of the Kickstarter campaign. But rest assured, the campaign will go live—it's just happening a little later than anticipated. We believe in providing you with the best quality possible, and we value your support. Instead of rushing the campaign despite the sample delay, we have rescheduled the launch date to August 1, 2023.

We originally aimed to have the final samples ready for a July 1 launch, but circumstances beyond our control prevented that. Nevertheless, we see this delay as an opportunity to further enhance the Kickstarter campaign's success. We want to ensure that the campaign is well-prepared and delivers an amazing experience to all our backers.

Apart from the delay, everything is still the same. Custom Sleeves are making a comeback, and we are excited to introduce new custom and artist-designed Deck Boxes and Playmat Tubes as well. This Kickstarter campaign aims to fund the final stages of production machinery setup, bringing these products to life.

Transparency has always been a core principle for us, and we wanted to keep you informed with this update. We believe that maintaining a loyal and trustworthy relationship with our customers is essential, especially during a Kickstarter campaign. We appreciate your support as we navigate these challenges and work towards launching an incredible campaign in August. We will continue to share more details and information as the project progresses.

I also encourage everyone to sign up for our SMS list. By subscribing, you will gain a significant advantage with a 2-hour head start and receive an alert as soon as the Kickstarter goes live. Early participants enjoy exclusive perks, so it's worth considering if you haven't joined yet. Simply send a text with the word 'KICKSTARTER' to +1 (855) 653-2517, and you'll stay in the loop!

Again, we’re all super excited to get this campaign rolling in August, and you should be too!

Happy Gaming!

T.C. Pool

CEO & Founder


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  • Stephen G.

I need the sleeves to be as good or better than the shuffle feel of dragon shield matt sleeves.

Is this a goal? Are you looking to challenge the for market share in the upper tier of the sleeve market?

  • Nocsha

Looking forward to this and seeing where things go!

  • Nocsha

Looking forward to this and seeing where things go!