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Inked Gaming Accepting Content Creator Submissions!

Calling all Twitch personalities, YouTube gurus, and internet content creators!

I'm Mitch Gross, the artist rep for Inked Gaming. In my spare time, one of my biggest hobbies is watching A TON of Twitch streams and YouTube content. My vision of a wild Friday night is leaving open 7 tabs of my favorite streamers and jumping between them all while trying jam ladder matches of my current favorite game on my 2nd computer monitor (add maybe a glass of pinot noir). Many of these streams are established with high quality content, many of them are just starting out. All of them are unique, different, and bring something positive to someone’s lives.

I’ve been inspired by creators, laughed with you, and watched your growth over the years. Think back to when you started and where you are now... think about just how much you have improved as a creator, not to mention how your community has improved you as a person, and lastly, how much of an impact you have on your viewers.

I have a vision to bring the company I work for, Inked Gaming, closer to the Twitch/YouTube community and the first step is you. Have you just finished your first Twitch emote? Throw it on a mouse pad. Unlocked your 1K sub emote? Sure, throw them ALL on mouse pads. We create a “store” for your products and feature your designs, emotes, and any other branding that you have sitting around ready to be used. As you know being a content creator, static income from many sources is vital to making it out there. This would be another way to increase your branding while also making money in the process.

The process is fairly simple.
1. You submit art/logos.
2. We line you up with a contract to sign.
3. We add the artwork to the site and start selling.
4. You sit back and let us do the work advertising, selling, and shipping. All you need to do is keep promoting your brand and informing your fans of the new medium that you are selling through.

If you are interested in learning more about this process, feel free to email me at

Additionally, feel free to check out our "Sell on Inked Gaming" page found here where you will need to submit your work:

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