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Do you think Yu-Gi-Oh! should be an Olympic Sport?

The Olympics may be over, but the fight to add another sport to the games is just beginning. Things are busy in the Yugi-universe right now, especially with the new game titles coming out this year. I actually wrote up a blog on that pretty recently, so be sure to check that out once you’ve read through this one. It seems that things are going to get a lot busier, as there is a petition in place to make Yu-Gi-Oh! card gaming an Olympic event.

That may seem like a little bit of a stretch when you first hear it, but if you let it sink in, it may not be all that impossible, especially since there’s an active petition out there that’s growing by the day. Some have even called the absence of Yu-Gi-Oh! gaming at the Olympics an ‘injustice’. At least that’s why Xiran Jay Zhao, the creator of the petition, has called it. And based on the vast number of signatures it’s gotten so far, there are many who agree.

I’ll tell you all about Xiran, the petition, and where things can go from here. You’ll be given the chance to sound off about this matter at the end. Truth be told, I’m dying to know what our followers think about this.

First, a little brief background on Xiran Jay Zhao. As a YouTube content creator, Zhao has developed quite a following, especially since her content covers everything from TV shows to card gaming to ancient Chinese history.  Zhao is also an author and cosplayer herself who currently lives in Canada. Her newest venture has captured the attention of her followers and fellow gamers who feel that there’s been something missing from Olympic sports. This is where the petition comes into play.

Realizing the power of her influence and platform, Zhao recently decided to put her cards in attack mode by authoring a petition that calls for the popular TCG to be added to the list of Olympic events. Now, all of this came about while the Olympics were in full swing in Japan. Even well after the games concluded, this petition has been making quite a stir in both Olympic and TCG communities. Why? Simply enough, because there are so many people who agree with Zhao’s way of thinking.

Here’s the statement/announcement she made via Twitter back in late July:

“I am calling on the @iocmedia to make Yugioh an official Olympic sport. It requires dexterity (when drawing the cards), athleticism (when playing the cards), and endurance (when you're in round 10 of a YCS). Please sign my heartfelt petition.”

Since then, the petition has gained an amazing amount of traction. At first, Zhao was hoping for 5,000 signatures just to prove that the petition was serious. As of today (August 11) there are just over 15,000 signatures...and growing. So, as I said, the movement (as I call it) has been gaining traction with no signs of slowing down. The goal at this point is to get 25,000 signatures, but I think it’s more than possible to pass that mark at this pace. Now, there are also those who feel that the Olympics should have ‘sports’ that require a certain amount of physicality. I’m one of those people, but let me finish. 

Based on the games that I’ve played throughout my life, I feel that anything that requires a specific skill and fuels a great amount of competitive fire deserves to be considered a sport whether it’s at a table or on a field. In fact, the game itself can be quite physical...if it’s played the way it appears in the show.

My friends and I tried to duplicate it several times when we were kids. Let’s just say you can definitely break a sweat.  All I’m saying is that there is potential for the game to be both physical and cerebral, which can make quite an exciting event in an Olympic venue.

I don’t know where the numbers will be in the next month or so, but I’m predicting an even higher number by Thanksgiving. Again, that’s just my prediction. Beyond that, who knows. We’ll see where we are by November or December and if that ends up being true, I’ll add a little update here.

In the meantime, I want to get your thoughts on this. Do you think that Yu-Gi-Oh! Should be considered an Olympic sport? If so, be sure to tell me why in the comments below and add your name to the petition, which you can find right here. I want to hear your arguments if you’re against the ideas as well.

Until we meet again,

Vince The Prince

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