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Coming Soon: Magic: The Gathering - Fallout Crossover

Ever since ‘Tragic the Garnering was first introduced in Fallout 2, gamers have been waiting to see if a crossover between these two worlds (and wastelands) would finally converge. In late 2023, we officially our answer, when Wizards of the Coast announced that a Fallout set would be joining the Universes Beyond series in 2024.

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has always been known for its diverse and imaginative worlds, but with the announcement of the Fallout crossover, the game has ventured into new and exciting territory. Partnering with Bethesda's iconic post-apocalyptic franchise, MTG is set to unleash a fusion of magic and mayhem unlike anything seen before.

The Fallout Universe meets MTG

Magic: The Gathering has a long history of creating innovative and exciting crossover sets, and the Fallout collaboration is no exception. The Fallout universe, known for its desolate landscapes, mutated creatures, and complex narratives, has been seamlessly integrated into the MTG multiverse. Players can now explore the Wasteland, cast powerful spells, and battle mutated adversaries within the card game's framework.

Cards, Mechanics, and Lore Integration

Central to the MTG Fallout crossover is a set of specially designed cards that blend the iconic imagery and themes of Fallout with the gameplay mechanics of MTG. Players can expect to see familiar faces from the Fallout universe, such as Vault Dwellers, Super Mutants, and iconic creatures like Deathclaws, rendered in stunning MTG card art.

Mechanically, the cards draw inspiration from the Fallout games, introducing new gameplay mechanics that reflect the scavenging, crafting, and tactical combat found in the video games. For example, players may have to manage resources like Radiation counters or scrap components to power up their cards or trigger powerful abilities.

Artwork and Aesthetic

One of the highlights of this collaboration is the stunning artwork that captures the essence of both the Fallout and MTG universes. The cards showcase the dilapidated beauty of post-apocalyptic landscapes, the grotesque mutations of creatures, and the resilience of those who navigate the Wasteland. The fusion of Magic's artistic style with Fallout's iconic imagery creates a visual spectacle that fans of both franchises can appreciate.

Here are a few of our favorite cards so far:


Crucible of Worlds
Dogmeat, Ever Loyal

Commander Decks

The decks for this crossover will be broken into four categories, each of which contains 100 cards and takes its inspiration from the Fallout series. Those decks include:

  • Scrappy Survivors
  • Mutant Menace
  • Hail, Caesar 
  • Science!


Hail, Caesar!

These decks are currently available for preorder and contain 37 to 41 (depending on which deck you select), never-before-seen Magic cards that will feature new characters, art, and mechanics. There’s also a Collector Booster and Commander Deck Bundle available as well. These decks contain foils, rares, and alt-frames.


Collector Booster
Commander Deck Bundle

This crossover marks a significant moment in the history of both franchises. The melding of the Wasteland with the MTG multiverse has opened up new possibilities for gameplay, storytelling, and epic adventure.

As players explore the Fallout-themed cards and Commander Decks, they are not only engaging in strategic battles, but also immersing themselves in the rich lore and captivating atmosphere of one of the most beloved video game franchises. The fallout (pun intended) from this collaboration is sure to leave a lasting impact on both Magic: The Gathering and Fallout fans alike.

Magic: The Gathering's Fallout crossover is set to officially launch on March 8, 2024. Preordering has already begun, which means you can lock-in your set ahead of the release date right now. Also, as long as you’re here, you should check out some cool playmats to gear up for the release. We have a sweet collection of Wasteland-themed mats that would go perfectly with the cards from this crossover. Here are just a couple that we’re going to be using ourselves:


And there’s more where these came from. When you’re done getting all the details from MTG’s official page, you should have a peek through our collection and ALL the Wasteland playmats we have available. Be sure to let us know if you have any more details about this set and your thoughts on the crossover as a whole!

Happy Gaming!

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