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Building Character T-Shirt for D&D Players

We all have that one special shirt hanging in our closet right now. You know, that shirt that you take time to hang and neatly place right up front, that way it can’t get wrinkled or lost between the other shirts. The shirt that represents you and/or what you’re most passionate about.

We’re dedicated D&D enthusiasts here at Inked Gaming, and ever since these new, officially licensed tees were added to our collection, we’ve been making space in our closets. Specifically, in that front spot where we put all of our favorites. While it’s cool to have one special go-to tee for Fridays, game nights, and other gatherings, we think it would be cooler to have two...or more! For us, this Building Character tee is one of them. And if you love D&D as much as we do, you will, too. 


D&D Building Character Men's Shirt


D&D Building Character Women's Shirt

We have this design available for both guys and gals who are looking to make a statement with what they wear. A statement that says you’re a part of a game/campaign that’s all about characters, creation, collaboration, and imagination. You’ll be the coolest adventurer at the table!

If you want to see more awesome shirts like this with officially licensed artwork featured on them, you can click HERE. If you spot something that catches your eye, be sure to add it to your cart.


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