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BIG News: The XXL Extended Mousepad Has Returned - For a Limited Time Only!

xxl extended mousepad

Allow us to re-introduce you to an old favorite. After a long hiatus, our one of a kind XXL Extended Mousepad is back in the fold, so to speak, for a limited run and we’re super excited to see them return to their rightful place...your desktop! At a whopping 48” x 24” inches, this mousepad is truly a world unto itself, as it’s specially crafted to cover even the largest battle stations! 

XXL Extended Mousepad

A mousepad of this particular size allows gamers to move their mouse more freely and accurately without having to worry about running out of space during the most pivotal moments of combat. Couple this larger, more sleek design with a smooth cloth top and strong rubber backing, and you’ve got yourself the perfect gaming mousepad that puts others to shame. Together, these elements create a more precise, comfortable mouse movement, which leads to faster aiming, smoother game flow and more control overall. 

As most of you may know by now, all of our mousepads can be made to feature a pre-designed art or an original, personalized design/art of your own. The XXL Extended Mousepad is no different! Choose from one of our many pre-designed arts or, if you’re looking to be more unique and original, send us a custom design, art, or image that showcases your vibrant personality and play style (just don’t stray from our terms and conditions, please)!

xxl extended mousepad art

Just like a solar eclipse, the return of our XXL Extended Mousepad is a rare occurrence that will only last for a very limited amount of time. By limited we mean until we’re out of stock. And once they’re sold out, there's no telling when, or if, we’ll have more available, so just keep that in mind as you weigh your decision. If this is the mousepad of your dreams, you better move your mouse quickly and get yours ordered before they’re all gobbled up! 

Until we meet again,
Vince the Prince

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