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Are you ready for Black Friday? Be your own hero

Grab your cape and get ready to save the day, because the holiday season is on its way… and so is our Black Friday sale! Since Black Friday is the busiest and best time of the year for many of us, we’re always looking for ways to make it better, especially for our most loyal followers and customers. Without them, we wouldn’t be anywhere close to the heights that we’ve reached today, and that makes them our heroes!

So, this year, we’re returning the favor and making Black Friday even more ‘super’ for our Consortium members/heroes! How? By giving them early access and exclusive perks to our upcoming Black Friday sale! That means aside from all of the other perks that go with being a Consortium member, which we’ll get into shortly, they will get the chance to cut in front of the line (and maybe even the shipping queues) and have first dibs on all of the awesome goods that we’re including in this year’s sale. Not bad, huh?

Join up and join forces

If you are already a Consortium member, be sure to tell your super friends about the sale and all that can be gained from being a member 365! With great power comes great responsibility. So, we’re calling on Consortium members and heroes everywhere to spread the word and use their abilities for the good of all gamers and fellow members alike!

Not a Consortium member yet? It’s never too late to be a hero! Become a Consortium member and we’ll endow you with all of the powerful abilities and perks that go with it. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary can be astronomical. But in this case, the difference can lie in the simple click of a button! So, prepare to go up, up and away by joining our Consortium today!

Join The Consortium

What’s the Consortium all about?

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with our Consortium, let me hit you with some knowledge. First off, Consortium members have access to exclusive rewards and discounts year-round. They can also earn valuable points by purchasing gear from our site or completing other different actions. These points act as a form of currency, which can be spent on other amazing accessories featured on our site. However, with Black Friday quickly approaching, we recommend that current members build up their points until the sale officially kicks off. You’ll thank me later!

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