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Voyage of the Lotus, Part 0: An Introduction

Hi everyone, A. Lundell here! 

I have been given the great honor of doing a set series of stories here on Inked Gaming to go along with the playmats I will be making for this site. Voyage of the Lotus is a story about how the merfolk Latir has to protect the heart of her home from an alien threat. During this story, we will see Latir travel through worlds via a yet-to-be revealed means to find people that could help her in her quest.  

Each story will be cut up in three parts with three different playmats and they will all be revealed during the course of a single MTG set. That means six stories per block! 

For each of these stories, I will hint towards the current set in Magic and make a story inspired by it to make it more personal and fun for you amazing customers (Zendikar becomes an adventure story, Innistrad a horror and Ravnica a noir.)

Stay tuned for the first entry in the series, titled "Priorities."  Hope you all are as excited as I am! 

Take care

- A.Lundell

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