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Inked Gaming Announcement

For the past 4 years Inked Playmats has strived to provide the best quality accessories and playmats for gamers around the world. We pride ourselves on our good customer service and high quality merchandise that meets the strict standards gamers have set for their gear. Today we are proud to announce our new website and brand, InkedGaming.com. We have grown as a company far beyond what we originally thought possible and our new brand represents our growth and the continued production of quality gaming accessories that you have come to expect from Inked Playmats.

We launched our business in 2011 out of a garage in order to give fellow Magic players an affordable way to customize their playmats and show offlarger mat press their creativity. Inked Playmats quickly gained a reputation as a premier creator and distributor of vibrant custom playmats. As interest spread our business grew and we received a lot of feedback and requests for a variety of different custom products. We listened to our customers and expanded our merchandise to include customizable mousepads, sleeves, and dice bags. Today we sell custom gaming accessories to players all over the world for a variety of different games and we employ a full crew of passionate employees dedicated to giving you the best quality of customized gaming accessories on the market. Our new brand and website are a result of the passionate response we have received from gamers across a wide spectrum of tabletop games who want an affordable way to create their own unique gaming experience. Inked Gaming is powered by you, the loyal gamers across the world who want custom playmats and accessories to create unique gaming experiences. 

Our new website is much more than a simple makeover, we are excited to bring you more customizable merchandise and gaming accessories alongside our quality playmats that you know and love. At InkedGaming.com you will be able to view over 400 unique pieces of art that can be selected to customize a variety of gaming accessories and playmats. And you will still be able to submit your favorite artwork for printing on our new streamlined website. In the coming months we will be unveiling new customizable merchandise and artwork for you and your friends to enhance your everyday gaming experience.

Inked Gaming will continue to bring you the best quality in customizable playmats and gaming accessories as we move forward. We invite you to come visit InkedGaming.com, check out our products and available artwork, and see all that we have to offer.

This isn't possible without you, the gamers, who have become our loyal customers and friends. We would like to thank you for your continued support you have given all these years.


T.C. Pool

Founder and CEO

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