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Winter Sale

Polar Vortex.



We are the survivors, but how will we respond to this new world of bare streets and chain-free driving?

How will we manage now that we have to actually attend school again? 

While we can’t predict the future, we can impact the present. Inclement weather caused a disruption in the business, with orders being cancelled and shipments being delayed. After the snow finally melted, we found a stash of playmats that we are now sacrificing at low price in order to appease the winter storm gods.

Thus, we are excited to announce our Winter Sale! A selection of our amazing playmats have had their prices drop below freezing, and are now available for $11.99 each. Favorites such as Unstoppable Crow, Lightning Lord, Breakfast, and some of our NetRunner-specific mats are available for this low price—but only while supplies last. Check out the entire selection of Winter Sale items at www.inkedplaymats.com/collections/winter-sale

We may not know what the future has in store for us, but our store has sale-priced mats in store for you!  But be warned, the sale only runs through February 28th, so get yours ordered now!